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HOOPS SDKs from Tech Soft 3D are fueling the next generation of Metrology software with unmatched 3D technology. Learn how HOOPS component technology can empower your next application.

CAD Data Access

3D Rendering

Smart Reporting


Leveraging the right toolkits to build CMM software that is robust enough to meet today’s demands, but also flexible enough to adapt to these technology trends over time, is critical to success. Metrology companies are choosing HOOPS toolkits to build the next generation of software with the quality, power, speed and automation their users demand. Join such companies as Faro, New River Kinematics, GOM and Mitutoyo to leverage the benefits of this cutting-edge technology.

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Quality CAD Data Access

HOOPS Exchange provides accurate CAD data access to read data with no or minimal translation. It has rich support for semantic PMI for automated inspection path planning and full support for visual PMI and PMI views. HOOPS Exchange also contains built-in modeling capabilities that can remove the reliance on solid modeling engines.

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3D Visualization for CMM workflows

Render stunning graphics across both mobile and desktop platforms with HOOPS Visualize, the workhorse 3D rendering engine in hundreds of successful applications delivering performance and stability across all major platforms, devices and graphics cards. HOOPS Communicator is being used to create the next generation of 3D solutions by allowing users to view and interact with 3D data within all major internet browsers on desktop and mobile devices and connect 3D data to vital business intelligence in real time.

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3D Data Publishing

HOOPS Publish can be used to fuel the demand for creating rich 3D PDF reports. This native Adobe® technology, the same found in Acrobat and Acrobat Reader, is the only solution for creating the next generation of interactive reports.

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Partner Success – Faro

“We did a benchmark comparison of our existing CAD translation platform with HOOPS Exchange, using 800 different CAD files. After testing and evaluating the performance side by side, we were fully convinced that moving to HOOPS Exchange was the right move.”

Samuel Moura, Director of Software Engineering for CAM2

Discover why FARO chose HOOPS Toolkits to enhance their industry-leading metrology software.

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