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Graphics Engine for Desktop & Mobile Engineering Apps

HOOPS Visualize is the 3D graphics SDK behind hundreds of engineering applications from market leaders Hexagon®, Trimble®, Ansys®, SOLIDWORKS™, Autodesk® and many more.

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Graphics Sdk for 3d Cad Rendering

HOOPS Visualize is a high-performance engineering-focused graphics library for rendering 3D CAD models on desktop, mobile and AR/VR devices. This 3D graphics library features thread-safe C++ and C# interfaces and OpenGL and DirectX drivers backed by responsive and dedicated graphics experts. Provide your users with the best possible rendering and selection performance by accessing the latest 3D GPU capabilities and enable your team to quickly build applications with stunning 3D graphics for AEC, PLM, MaaS, Metrology, CAM, CAE, EDA and Additive Manufacturing.

Product Features

HOOPS Visualize software development kit (SDK) empowers your team to quickly develop desktop, mobile and AR/VR applications with a graphics engine designed to render 2D & 3D models in engineering, manufacturing and building and construction applications.

3D Graphics Engine
The HOOPS Visualize graphics engine renders stunning 2D and 3D visuals for desktop, mobile, and AR/VR applications allowing development teams to focus on their core technologies. Developers can rely on fully-featured, engineering-focused scene-graph technology and a trusted team of 3D visualization experts with over 25 years of application support for market leading products.
High Quality 3D Rendering
Powerful visual fidelity and features specifically tailored to engineering application development make HOOPS Visualize the gold standard 3D graphics engine for development teams looking to build a new application or enhance the visualization features of an existing product.
Wide Platform Support
Support for all major desktop and mobile operating systems as well as AR/VR development tools come standard with the HOOPS Visualize graphics engine including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, ARKit, ARCore, OpenVR and HoloLens. HOOPS Visualize is more than just a 3D graphics SDK, it is a framework for building engineering software with an engineering-focused scene-graph technology at its core.
Built-in Features
HOOPS Visualize includes pre-built operators that enable workflows for a variety of engineering markets, saving your team time by leveraging advanced visualization support for measurement and markup, rich line and text, advanced 2D rendering, massive point clouds, advanced selection and highlighting, and angles utilizing BREP and mesh data.
Ease of Use
HOOPS Visualize was built with time to first interaction in mind, allowing development teams to get their 2D and 3D visualization needs satisfied as quickly as possible. The HOOPS Visualize API operators are designed to give developers full flexibility to customize them to meet their needs.
Vertical Markets
Whether you are building a new technical illustration application or looking to add visualization functionality to your existing Building and Construction or BIM product, the HOOPS Visualize graphics SDK provides the 2D and 3D rendering foundations your development team can rely on for advanced functionality.

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Developer Resources

All the resources you need to quickly get started and learn how to use the HOOPS Visualize SDK for 3D graphics.

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Explore the Graphics Engine Interactively

Accelerate the development of your engineering desktop, mobile and AR/VR applications with the HOOPS Visualize graphics engine. Launch the Windows-based and Android-based demos that can import 30+ CAD formats and explore the leading graphics engine with engineering specific features.

Photorealism with HOOPS Luminate

Want to take your rendering quality to the next level? Create photo-realistic renders using HOOPS Luminate. This next-generation graphics engine uses path and ray tracing, advanced lighting models, and an expansive material library to make your models look their very best. A bridge between HOOPS Visualize and HOOPS Luminate allows you to build this advanced functionality easily into existing applications based on HOOPS Visualize.

Ready to Create an AR/VR App?

Tech Soft 3D has helped innovative companies such as SOLIDWORKS, Halocline and many more build successful AR and VR applications with the HOOPS Visualize software development toolkit. Accelerate the development of your XR application with powerful, proven HOOPS 3D technology.

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Learn how Assemble Systems disrupted the BIM market with an innovative mobile app based on the HOOPS Visualize SDK

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The Tech Soft 3D product forum has a dedicated section for the HOOPS Visualize graphics engine, where you can ask or answer questions that you might have. Our community is dedicated to helping you.