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Add 3d Pdf Export and More to Your Application

Enhance your engineering application by adding interactive 3D PDF, HTML and Standard CAD format export including STEP AP 242, JT 10, IGES, STL and 3MF to your engineering application with the HOOPS Publish SDK.

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3D CAD Publishing SDK for Creating Rich Engineering Documents

The HOOPS Publish SDK enables developers to quickly extend the reach of their engineering data with functionality for exporting smart reports, work instructions and Technical Data Packages (TDPs) with 3D PDFs generating interactive 3D models, manufacturing data and tables. HOOPS Publish also supports the ability to export to HTML, enabling visualization and collaboration of 3D models in a browser, and export to standard CAD formats for interoperability, 3D printing (3MF) and data archival.

Product Features

The HOOPS Publish toolkit empowers development teams to quickly add 3D PDF, HTML and standard CAD export to their engineering application.

3D PDF Export
HOOPS Publish makes it easy to share 3D engineering data downstream through the creation of interactive 3D PDF documents for smart reports, work instructions, and embedded videos with format support for industry standards such as PDF, STEP, JT, and 3MF. Utilizing the ISO-certified format PRC, HOOPS Publish can provide support for common engineering fundamentals like Assembly Trees, Topology and Geometry, PMI, and Views.
HTML Export
Export 3D models to the web and allow users of HOOPS Publish enabled applications to view and interact in a browser environment by creating standalone HTML files with embedded 3D data. Users can also view and access 3D data offline by utilizing a monolithic HTML file that embeds all the required components, making it that much easier to share and access critical information.
Standard CAD Export
3D models can be exported from the HOOPS Publish library to the most popular standard CAD formats such as STEP, IGES, STL, 3MF, JT and more, supporting rich content such as text, images, tables, buttons, and 3D annotations.
Data Archival
As a container for engineering data that is often used for documents such as RFPs or engineering releases, HOOPS Publish provides your application with the functionality to export PDFs with interactive 3D models for data archiving.
Adobe Acrobat
HOOPS Publish is uniquely based on native Adobe technologies and is the only 3D PDF development library that offers access to the native 3D read and write technology used within Adobe Reader, which allows for the generations of PDFs with interactive 3D models that can be opened with Acrobat Reader.
Tetra4D is an end-user application that generates interactive 3D PDFs by converting popular CAD file formats into data-rich 3D PDFs. This Adobe Acrobat plug-in solution harnesses the power of HOOPS Publish and HOOPS Exchange to deliver downstream data sharing functionality directly to end users.

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All the resources you need to quickly get started and learn how to use HOOPS Publish.

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3D PDF Samples

Create interactive 3D PDF documents with HOOPS Publish

Important: When viewing the PDFs, please save these documents first, and then open with Adobe Acrobat Reader or Professional, and click on "trust this document" to view the 3D content. Click on the viewports to activate the 3D content.

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Develop your engineering app with confidence with the HOOPS Publish SDK. We created a digital continuity and associativity between HOOPS SDKs, knowing that integrations between them are as important as the robustness of each SDK.

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The Tech Soft 3D product forum has dedicated sections for key components to the HOOPS Communicator SDK – the HOOPS Web Viewer and HOOPS Server – where you can ask or answer questions that you might have. Our community is dedicated to helping you.