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Graphics Engine for Engineering Apps on the Web

The HOOPS Communicator graphics engine accelerates web application development, providing advanced 3D web visualization for rendering large 3D models in web browsers. Upgrade to the HOOPS Web Platform to add accurate and fast CAD data import.

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3d web graphics library

The HOOPS Communicator SDK provides software developers with a feature-rich JavaScript API, allowing teams to quickly add 2D and 3D CAD viewing and interaction functionality to their web-based applications in all major browsers. This purpose-built high-performance graphics kernel is focused on engineering workflows providing support for massive models, navigation of complex assemblies, intelligent streaming, and server-side rendering. Whether you're creating a web-based app for Additive Manufacturing, AEC/BIM, PLM, MaaS, Metrology, CAM, or CAE, with the HOOPS Communicator graphics engine you'll be able to rapidly add 3D graphics.

Product Features

HOOPS Communicator SDK empowers your team to quickly develop a 3D web application tailored to your market and easy to deploy with reliable 3D graphics.

3D Web Graphics
Fully customizable web graphics SDK that provides stunning visuals and includes engineering-focused built-in functionality. The feature-rich 3D web viewer runs as a zero-client application in modern browsers on desktop and mobile. Additionally, server-side rendering is seamlessly integrated into the viewer and allows for viewing of complex CAD models, even on low-end devices.
High Quality Rendering
The HOOPS Communicator SDK provides stunning visual fidelity with features specifically tailored to 3D engineering applications operating in the cloud. Ease of use enables rapid development with support for visual effects like reflections, shadows, and ambient occlusion as well as hidden line rendering, and image and vector screenshot support.
Engineering Workflows
With support for a wide variety of domain-specific workflows from point clouds, to 2D drawings as well as cutting and section planes, this powerful and flexible JavaScript library for 3D web viewing is purposely built for engineering data and allows users to clearly render model trees, display exact PMI and access advanced selection functionality.
Flexible Data Authoring
The HOOPS Communicator SDK is optimized for web browsers and supports both server-side and client-side rendering of 3D models. CAD data import options include HOOPS Converter, direct authoring, streaming and file-based loading.
Easy to Deploy
Powerful APIs allow users to view and connect 3D data to vital business intelligence and easily integrate with other HOOPS SDKs for 2D and 3D CAD data access, native visualization, and 3D PDF publishing. Utilize pre-built UI components, geometry and material creation and editing, high-level operators, and expansive sample code and documentation.
Vertical Markets
Jumpstart your 3D application development with a broad range of features for your specialized market. The HOOPS Communicator SDK provides an advanced web graphics library supporting solutions in industries such as AEC, BIM, PLM, 3D Printing, Product Configuration, and general web-based 3D viewing.

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All the resources you need to quickly get started and learn how to use the HOOPS Communicator SDK for 3D web graphics.

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Accelerate the development of your engineering web application with HOOPS Communicator SDK. Launch the demo and explore all the engineering specific features that will supercharge your 3D application.

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Develop your web app with confidence with the HOOPS Communicator graphics engine. We created a digital continuity and associativity between HOOPS SDKs, knowing that integrations between them are as important as the robustness of each SDK.

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Learn how Aras disrupted the PLM market with an innovative web app based on the HOOPS Communicator SDK

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The Tech Soft 3D product forum has dedicated sections for key components to the HOOPS Communicator SDK – the HOOPS Web Viewer and HOOPS Server – where you can ask or answer questions that you might have. Our community is dedicated to helping you.