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For the next generation of cloud-based solutions, HOOPS Communicator sets the gold standard for visualizing 3D CAD data, handling models of almost any size on virtually any device.

For developing mobile or desktop applications, the HOOPS Visualize SDK puts tremendous power in the hands of your development team, enabling them to quickly create visual applications that stand out in a crowded field.

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CAD Data Translation

HOOPS Exchange is an SDK that provides applications with data access that satisfies even the most exacting customer expectations. Using a single API for cloud, server or desktop solutions, HOOPS Exchange will give your software the industry’s fastest and most accurate access to 22 popular CAD formats.

For cloud solutions that need to visualize as well as convert CAD data, HOOPS Communicator provides a plug-and-play system for adding multi-CAD viewing, interaction and sharing.

RealDWG is the native Autodesk library for reading and writing accurate DWG data.

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HOOPS Publish, the only SDK based on native Adobe technology, enables cloud, server or desktop applications to export rich 3D PDF files. By relying on the native 3D PDF technology, your applications will satisfy customer needs more fully than software built with non-native PDF tools.

For end users or enterprises seeking to directly convert files from popular CAD formats into 3D PDF, 3D PDF Converter is an Acrobat plug-in sold through our tetra4d brand and built upon Tech Soft 3D’s HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish toolkit technologies. Learn more about 3D PDF Converter and related PDF products at

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OEM CAD Platforms

AutoCAD OEM allows you to build a distinctive product that combines your unique functionality and brand with the proven capability and stability of the world’s most popular CAD system.

The Inventor OEM program offers the opportunity to build custom applications for the mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE market through the proven power of Autodesk Inventor.

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For solids-based applications, Siemens’ Parasolid software is the modeling kernel powerful enough to handle the intense requirements of NX, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, Delcam and hundreds of other serious engineering applications.

For mesh-based applications, Polygonica is a proven modeling engine that excels at rapidly preparing models for 3D printing or CAE meshing, as well as simplifying models to enhance rendering performance.

HOOPS technology has been optimized to integrate seamlessly with both modeling kernels.

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