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HOOPS Web Platform

HOOPS Web Platform unlocks the power of proven 3D technologies for web application development, providing advanced 3D web visualization, accurate and fast CAD data access and 3D data publishing.

HOOPS Native Platform

HOOPS Native Platform integrates three advanced HOOPS technologies for desktop and mobile application development, including high performance 3D graphic, CAD data access and 3D data publishing.

HOOPS Platform

HOOPS Platform powers your applications with proven 3D technologies, including high performance 3D graphics for desktop, web and mobile, accurate and fast CAD data access and 3D data publishing.

HOOPS Visualize

Rev Up Your 3D Rendering Engine

With HOOPS Visualize, you can rapidly render stunning graphics across both mobile and desktop platforms. As the workhorse 3D rendering engine in hundreds of successful applications, HOOPS Visualize will give you the technology you need, supported by a team you can trust.

HOOPS Communicator

Lightning in the Cloud

The world of engineering graphics today is stunning and vibrant, and tremendously complex when creating applications for the web. And every year new web technologies result in better performance and increased complexity. Solve complex challenges with a simple powerful toolkit for advanced 3D web visualization. HOOPS Communicator is a robust, purpose-built graphics kernel for developing standout engineering applications for the web.

HOOPS Exchange

Precision CAD Data Translation

HOOPS Exchange provides all the integration controls a development team requires to easily build robust CAD data translation into an application. Supported CAD formats include CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Creo, NX, Solid Edge and many more. We benchmarked the competition and built a significantly faster and more reliable SDK for CAD data reuse.

HOOPS Publish

Unlock Your Data

Web and mobile technology, new standards and free readers have changed how people expect to consume data. They want to get the data out of the applications that they use, and view that data from the application throughout the product lifecycle. HOOPS Publish enables your application to publish 3D data in a number of different ways, including as native 3D PDF, HTML and also in a variety of standard CAD formats.