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3D CAD Visualization Solutions

HOOPS visualization SDKs empower high performance, advanced 3D engineering graphics for desktop, web, and mobile applications allowing you to build better software faster.

3D Web Graphics with HOOPS Communicator

HOOPS Communicator is a robust 3D graphics SDK for building your browser-based 3D engineering applications. Featuring scalable architecture, instant viewing with both on-demand or intelligent streaming, support for massive models, and client or server-side rendering, HOOPS Communicator allows your team to quickly deploy browser focused 3D content.

HOOPS Visualize:
3D Graphics Engine

HOOPS Visualize is an engineering focused 3D graphics engine for app development on both mobile and desktop devices. This powerful graphics SDK allows you to render stunning graphics with a modern API making it easy to add interactive 3D visualization to your new or existing application.

HOOPS Luminate:
Advanced Rendering

The HOOPS Luminate SDK provides users with a powerful set of tools and functionalities for photo-realistic and advanced real-time rendering of 3D graphics. The SDK is designed to empower developers and enable them to create high-quality, visually stunning applications across various industries including manufacturing, simulation, and AEC. When leveraged alongside HOOPS Visualize developers can combine the power of the leading engineering graphics engine alongside this advanced set of APIs for enhanced visual fidelity.

Partner Success

Canvas GFX

“There was such a close alignment between our company and Tech Soft 3D in terms of functionality, road map, and customer base. As the Canvas solution evolves, we know we have the right partner supporting that evolution.”

Mike Hibberd, VP of Marketing, Canvas GFX

Learn more about Canvas GFX and why they chose the HOOPS Platform to develop their new 3D product.

Partner Success Story (PDF)

Partner Success

RIB Software

“What is interesting for RIB is that we are not limited to any discipline, we focus on everything. The HOOPS Web Platform support ensures that regardless of the data our clients are trying to consume, we can support the visualization because we have HOOPS behind us.”

Steffen Rabe, Director of Development, RIB software

Learn more about RIB and why they choose the HOOPS Web Platform for their iTWO 4.0 software.

Partner Success Story (PDF)

Partner Success


“We did a benchmark comparison of our existing CAD translation platform with HOOPS Exchange, using 800 different CAD files. After testing and evaluating the performance side by side, we were fully convinced that moving to HOOPS Exchange was the right move.”

Samuel Moura, Director of Software Engineering for CAM2

Discover why FARO chose HOOPS Toolkits to enhance their industry-leading metrology software.

Partner Success Story (PDF)

Partner Success


“We had pretty aggressive go-to-market goals. We started talking to Tech Soft 3D in late fall; we were able to launch the web version of our BIM viewer in January, and then the Android and iOS versions in February and March.”

Looly Lee, Product Manager, Fieldwire

Learn more about Fieldwire and why they choose the HOOPS Web Platform for their Construction Management Platform.

Partner Success Story (PDF)