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Tech Soft 3D provides top-tier software tools for engineers

Tech Soft 3D has helped hundreds of software companies like yours build successful desktop, mobile and web applications. By partnering with Tech Soft 3D, you will be able to swiftly respond to market opportunities and new competitive threats, putting you in the best position to innovate and succeed.

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Tech Soft 3D's HOOPS Technical Summits are informative, action-packed events for engineering software developers interested in technology trends and challenges facing our industry. Prepare to learn about the latest in HOOPS toolkit development, find out how to leverage our tools and gain a market edge directly from our partners, and benefit from engaging technical demonstrations from our experts.

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Our company, our culture

When you get to know Tech Soft 3D, you’ll find a team of seriously talented industry veterans who have retained the energy, drive and dynamism of a start-up. In the years since our company was founded in 1996, we have been singularly focused on helping software development teams succeed by leveraging our technology and expertise. We’re still invigorated by that same mission today.

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Solutions for digital engineering challenges

There’s no way around it. Your users live and work in a multi-format world, and they expect their applications to handle a variety of CAD formats. They also expect those CAD translations to be accurate, fast and invisible.

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Our tools support a variety of markets

Competitive market dynamics demand you get a high quality solution to market ahead of the rest. Tech Soft 3D is the strategic technology partner who will help you do exactly that.

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Are you building an application?

In our developer zone you will find resources for developers currently using or evaluating Tech Soft 3D components. Explore detailed technical information, download access to current and previous versions of Tech Soft 3D products, and information about new features.

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