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Digital Construction
“It was the best performing technology we tested, fast and accurate. Working with Tech Soft 3D was a great experience, they were very responsive and quick to resolve issues.”
Thierry Bonfante, Senior Director, Oracle Product Development
“Time to market was very quick because we didn’t have to build those CAD import and visualization capabilities. Tech Soft 3D had already done it for us.”
Santiago Droll, CEO, Eleven Dynamics
“We did a benchmark comparison of our existing CAD translation platform with HOOPS Exchange, using 800 different CAD files. After testing and evaluating the performance side by side, we were fully convinced that moving to HOOPS Exchange was the right move.”
Samuel Moura, Director of Software Engineering for CAM2, FARO
“Tech Soft 3D is a trusted, reliable development partner who helps us implement specific requirements and accommodate customer requests,”
Dr. Josef Koch, CTO OPEN MIND Technologies, AG
“Most of the front end of our application – the view, what the customer sees – is built around HOOPS Communicator. In our experience, HOOPS Communicator is the only technology out there that does such an outstanding job of displaying 3D CAD data in the web browser, so we’re very proud to use it in our software, and it has allowed us to really jumpstart our application development with out-of-the-box web viewing capabilities.”
Sebastian Greshake, Founder & CEO, Naval Architect
“What is interesting for RIB is that we are not limited to any discipline, we focus on everything. The HOOPS Web Platform support ensures that regardless of the data our clients are trying to consume, we can support the visualization because we have HOOPS behind us.”
Steffan Rabe, Director of Development, RIB Software
"We’re still able to sell into those companies who aren’t Autodesk houses but want the enhanced functionality we provide, because no Autodesk license needs to be purchased, So, interestingly, using AutoCAD OEM helps us reach both the customers who traditionally use AutoCAD, and those who don’t"
Ilker Gueler, Managing Director, ALPI
“We’ve been working with the HOOPS Web Platform for over 6 years, and it just works. More importantly, they’ve been adapting it and modifying it to meet our use cases. We’re very picky about who we partner with and Tech Soft CEO Ron Fritz and the team have been outstanding. Their willingness to engage and solve problems together is making a big difference.”
Peter Schroer, CEO, Aras
“I'm a small developer. It's not like we have a huge team of people. The fact that AutoCAD OEM gives us that solid platform to build on means that we spend 100% of our time on the value that the FireCAD add-in brings and the features that fire alarm customers tell us they want rather than spending spend time and resources reinventing a platform to do these drawings.”
Anthony Conte, President, Cadgen Software
“There was such a close alignment between our company and Tech Soft 3D in terms of functionality, road map, and customer base. As the Canvas solution evolves, we know we have the right partner supporting that evolution.”
Mike Hibberd, VP of Marketing, Canvas GFX
“The larger civil engineering firms and the government agencies tend to feel more secure using the AutoCAD engine, versus other CAD offerings. They prefer to take as little risk as possible, and one way of doing that is to use an industry standard like AutoCAD.”
Bruce Carlson, President, Carlson Software
“We can throw tens of millions of triangles at MineScape, and the performance doesn’t miss a beat. The amount of data we can load up and manage is really impressive. You wouldn’t believe how many comments we get from customers saying, ‘Wow, that’s really fast – we haven’t seen anything like that.’ That’s all because of the HOOPS Visualize engine.”
Jim Sronce, General Manager, MineScape
”We put HOOPS Exchange and other potential vendor solutions through a rigorous testing process with hundreds of test files. We found HOOPS to have high import quality across all the CAD file formats, with a very fast loading time, and very low memory usage. That was very important to us.”
Ivan Krstic, DP Technology
“By using HOOPS Exchange, we’ve essentially cut the time spent on in-house development of CAD input-output code libraries down to zero.”
Vishal Nair, CTO, ESS
“We did some research into what our competitors and colleagues in the industry were using for 3D, and HOOPS came up time and time again. We felt that selecting something that was so widely used for our own product was a wise choice.”
Håkan Kårdén, Founder and Marketing Director, Eurostep
“We had pretty aggressive go-to-market goals. We started talking to Tech Soft 3D in late fall; we were able to launch the web version of our BIM viewer in January, and then the Android and iOS versions in February and March. We’ve gotten a lot out of the partnership in a short amount of time.”
Looly Lee, Product Manager, Fieldwire
“Our core business is designing great VR applications and great user interfaces that help optimize production processes involving people and machines. Importing CAD files is not our core business – and that’s why we rely on strong partners like Tech Soft 3D.”
Fabian Schlarmann, Product Manager at Halocline
“We evaluated three different technology providers over a period of several months, and we felt Tech Soft 3D was the best of the bunch. It's not just about the quality of the technology components – it's also about the quality of the people who support the components, which is very important to us as well.”
Sam Golan, Founder & CEO, High QA
“We looked at several other graphic engines, but HOOPS Visualize stood out in terms of performance, the number of features available in the engine, and the support provided by Tech Soft 3D. As far as graphics engines go, it’s the best that we have found, and it’s a very, very important part of the technology stack inside our platform.”
Anton Van Der Walt, Chief Digital Officer, MineRP
“Overall, we’re very happy with our partnership with Tech Soft 3D. We started with HOOPS Visualize a decade ago, and then we’ve added more and more of Tech Soft 3D’s toolkits as time has gone on. That’s testimony to our happiness with the relationship and the value that Tech Soft 3D has consistently been able to provide.”
Jan Mattsson Director, Development, NAPA
“Thanks to Tech Soft 3D, we’re at a point technologically now where customers can extract the data from many different CAD formats and reconcile it against Routings and mBOMs for a specific configuration or even a range of variants. The underlying technology from Tech Soft 3D is enabling all this information to finally come together.”
David Sly, President, Proplanner
“When AutoCAD OEM first came out, we jumped at the chance,” said Boggs. “Here we are, nearly 30 years later, and it’s still providing all the same advantages that it did when we first got started with it. It has really worked out great for us.”
Mike Boggs, VP of Sales and Marketing, Striker Systems
“To provide a frictionless experience for customers, it is critical for us to be able to handle and interpret different types of 3D CAD files. HOOPS Exchange has been integral to our quoting engine for years precisely because it provides the kind of immediate CAD translation needed for us to provide instant quotes and feedback on customer designs.”
Hunter Guerin, Sr. Product Manager, Xometry
“Designing electronics has never been more complex, and its importance will only continue to grow in the future, encompassing more products and more industries. Tech Soft 3D will play an important role in allowing us to meet that growing need and successfully address the challenges posed by complex design issues.”
Kensuke Yoshijima, a Section Manager, EL2, EL Development Dept, Zuken
Part of our strategy is to have maintainable code and using HOOPS components helps enormously on that front. When there are advances in graphics technology, we don’t want to deal with that headache. We want that to be Tech Soft 3D’s headache.
Arnav Mukherjee, Development Director, Viewer & Experimental Technology, SolidWorks
As a company, we always stay very close to our customers and how their needs evolve. Our relationship with Tech Soft 3D has been a win - win so far, and we anticipate they will help us continually find new ways to serve our customers better.”
Dr. Bastiaan Oud, Head of Strategy, Simcon
"The main thing is that HOOPS does what it says on the tin. When we import CAD data with HOOPS Exchange, we get the data that we expect. Our customers expect to see reliable data w hen they're making important decisions based on visualizations. Having reliable and dependable data is one of the most important things for them."
Barry King, Virtalis