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Mining & Geosciences

Mining & Geosciences

Even such long-established industries as mining are feeling the impacts of major shifts in technology and platforms. Today, users in mining and geoscientific fields expect to be able to work remotely via mobile or cloud technologies. They also expect to access and share all of their data from any device, whether in the office, in transit or in the field.

These updated user expectations have inspired a new wave of software innovation as companies seek to jump ahead of their competitors.

Current Tech Soft 3D partners innovating in the mining and geoscientific markets include Geovia, Hexagon Mining, MineRP, Halliburton and Trimble.

Whether you are seeking to build applications for exploration, planning, visualization or other mining and geoscience disciplines, partnering with Tech Soft 3D will help you serve the evolving needs of your users and explore new markets.

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