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Import over 30 CAD file formats into your application with the HOOPS Exchange SDK for CAD data translation, featuring fast and accurate read and write support for 2D and 3D CAD file formats including CATIA®, SOLIDWORKS®, Inventor™, Revit™, Creo®, NX™, Solid Edge® and many more, all through a single API.

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Fast & accurate cad data translation sdk

The HOOPS Exchange SDK is a set of C++ software libraries that enables development teams to quickly add reliable 2D and 3D CAD import and export to their applications, accessing a broad range of data including boundary representation (BREP), product manufacturing information (PMI), model tree, views, persistent IDs, styles, construction geometry, visualization and more without depending on any CAD system.

HOOPS Exchange supports access to a variety of mechanical CAD formats such as CATIA, NX, Creo®, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, and Solid Edge® as well as CAD standards like JT, STEP, STL, IGES, and AEC formats like Revit, IFC, and DWG. Export to popular formats such as JT, STEP, STL, FBX and more.

Product Features

HOOPS Exchange SDK for CAD data access empowers your team to quickly develop a 3D engineering application with CAD data import for over 30 CAD formats.

CAD Import
Simplify CAD data import into your application and increase your 3D interoperability with fast and accurate access to over 30 CAD formats. The HOOPS Exchange API reads CAD data from popular 2D and 3D file formats and converts that data into the highly compressible and open file format PRC.
Engineering Workflows
Whether you’re developing a new application or enhancing an existing product, CAD translation provided by HOOPS Exchange supports workflows in mechanical design, engineering and manufacturing, building and construction, shipbuilding, plant and process, and more with full 3D model tree access, exact PMI and advanced selection.
PMI & Markup
Access to essential CAD data like PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) is provided with graphical representations in both visual and semantic forms. HOOPS Exchange provides accurate tessellation, identical to the original CAD system and associates PMI markups with assemblies, sub-assemblies and parts.
Reading CAD Files
Simplify CAD data access in your application and enable it to read and write popular 2D and 3D formats. Access the original CAD data and easily control what data is read with a single call to the API.
CAD Data Accuracy
The PRC format used by HOOPS Exchange ensures there is no loss of precision or accuracy when representing 3D curve and surface data, keeping entities in their original parametric form defined by the original modeling system.
Small File Size
Files can typically be compressed 100 times smaller than the original CAD file by using HOOPS Exchange for CAD data access and the PRC file format.

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Developer Resources

All the resources you need to quickly get started and learn how to use the HOOPS Exchange SDK for CAD import and export.

Partner Success

Import CAD Models in Demo

Accelerate the development of your engineering application with the HOOPS Exchange SDK for CAD data import and export. Launch the demo and explore all the engineering specific features with the CAD data access SDK.

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Develop your engineering app with confidence with the HOOPS Exchange CAD data import library. We created a digital continuity and associativity between HOOPS SDKs, knowing that integrations between them are as important as the robustness of each SDK.

Siemens Parasolid Integrations

Parasolid users, you're in luck. HOOPS Exchange is the fastest and most accurate CAD translator solution for Parasolid users. Tech Soft 3D partnered with Siemens to optimize the integration of HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid for CAD data exchange.

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Accelerate the development of your engineering application with the HOOPS Exchange SDK for CAD data import.

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The Tech Soft 3D product forum has dedicated sections for key components to the HOOPS Communicator SDK – the HOOPS Web Viewer and HOOPS Server – where you can ask or answer questions that you might have. Our community is dedicated to helping you.