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For applications using solid B-Rep data, the two things users demand most are accuracy and robustness. Without accuracy, operations fail and models are no longer useful downstream. But absolute accuracy is only the initial requirement. Users also expect applications to handle challenging modeling operations, even when dealing with complex shapes. Siemens’ Parasolid® software is the world’s leading geometric modeler because it delivers both extreme accuracy and unmatched robustness.

Even better, Parasolid now bridges the gap between solid and mesh-based worlds. New Convergent Modeling™ is a single geometric modeling component with a unified set of modeling functions for facet models and classic B-Reps.

Products such as NX and Solid Edge from Siemens, SOLIDWORKS from Dassault Systèmes, Workbench from ANSYS and the Delcam family of CAM applications all depend on Parasolid to handle their serious modeling needs. You, your development team and your users can depend on it just as confidently.


Siemens’ Parasolid® software is the world’s premier 3D geometric modeling kernel technology, selected by leading application vendors and end-user organizations spanning multiple industries as their preferred platform for delivering innovative 3D solutions with unparalleled modeling power and versatility. Parasolid is tightly integrated with both HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Visualize. It can be licensed on its own or together with these additional industry-leading toolkits to offer a complete, world-class platform of cooperative engineering software components for your application development.

  • Provides an ideal core for innovative 3D modeling application development.
  • Reduces development costs and risks by providing a proven 3D modeling solution.
  • Ensures state-of-the-art quality and robustness.
  • Offers world-class technical support for rapid time-to-market.
  • Enables instant compatibility with other Parasolid-based applications through translation-free exchange of 3D data solutions.
  • Used in over 3.5 million seats of application software globally.
  • Approximately 45 percent of 3D CAD models embed Parasolid native XT representation.
  • Over 850 man-years of R&D investment.
  • Provides industry-leading robustness with over a million quality tests run daily.


Siemens’ Parasolid® software is built on foundation capabilities that enable it to be deployed successfully in a wide variety of software applications. Its foundational capabilities include:

  • Tolerant modeling for intrinsically reliable modeling with imported data.
  • Attributes and callbacks for application-specific characteristics and behavior.
  • Session and partitioned rollback for flexible history and undo/redo implementation.
  • New Convergent Modeling for integrating facet data into B-Rep workflows without data conversion.
  • Data management and tracking for managing models and associated data as they evolve.
  • Symmetric multi-processing support for optimal performance on multi-processor machines.
  • Model storage in forwards and backwards compatible native XT format.
  • .NET binding to integrate Parasolid into .NET applications written in C#.
  • Broad platform coverage including comprehensive support for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac.

In addition to these foundation capabilities there are a wealth of further features available depending on the level of Parasolid licensing selected: Communicator, Editor or Designer. Details of which functionality is available in which package are in the Product Functionality table in this section. There is additionally the option of licensing Parasolid Bodyshop, which offers advanced healing, geometry repair and model clean-up capabilities.

Product Functionality

Functionality Designer Editor Communicator
Advanced Modeling Yes
Full Boolean functionality Yes
Euler Operations Yes
Extrusion Yes
Offsetting Yes
Hollowing Yes
Thickening Yes
Tapering Yes
Edge and Face Blending Yes
Face Change Yes
Embossing Yes
Free form lofting and sweeping Yes
Modeling Support Yes Yes
Unite, subtract and intersect operators Yes Yes
General imprinting Yes Yes
Sheet trimming and extension Yes Yes
Profile sweep and spinning Yes Yes
Patching of holes in 3D models Yes Yes
Editing and Optimization Yes Yes
Identification and removal of model detail Yes Yes
Face deletion and replacement Yes Yes
Face transformation Yes Yes
Swept and spun outlining Yes Yes
Import and Export Yes Yes Yes
Reading/Writing of Parasolid XT files Yes Yes Yes
Boundary representation import Yes Yes Yes
Trimmed surface import and sewing Yes Yes Yes
Geometry creation Yes Yes Yes
Creation of solid primitives Yes Yes Yes
Creation of B-spline entities Yes Yes Yes
Interrogation and Computation Yes Yes Yes
Topological evaluation and inquiries Yes Yes Yes
Geometric evaluations and inquiries Yes Yes Yes
Mass properties Yes Yes Yes
Min/max distance and clash detection Yes Yes Yes
Visualization and drafting Yes Yes Yes
Non-destructive sectioning Yes Yes Yes
Graphical output Yes Yes Yes
Faceting/meshing Yes Yes Yes


Webinar - HOOPS Exchange and Siemens’ Parasolid® Software Integration (37 mins)

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