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The leading 3D geometric modeling kernel

For solids-based applications, Siemens Parasolid provides advanced operations for authoring, editing, optimizing, querying, and representing 3D geometric models alongside tight integrations to the HOOPS development toolkits.

Parasolid & HOOPS
Features & Functionality
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A Superior 3D Geometric Modeler

Delivering both accuracy and robustness, Parasolid is the world’s leading solid modeling component and is trusted in over 350 applications from CAD, CAM, CAE, to AEC including, NX®, Solid Edge®, SOLIDWORKS®, Delcam®, and hundreds of other leading engineering applications. Parasolid also features Convergent Modeling merging classic boundary representation (B-Rep) and facet model operations in a single geometric modeling component.

Parasolid & HOOPS

The Parasolid SDK is tightly integrated with many Tech Soft 3D products including HOOPS Exchange, HOOPS Visualize, and can be licensed on its own or together with these additional toolkits for 3D data access and 3D desktop visualization to offer a complete platform of cooperative engineering software components for your application development.

Features & Functionality

Tolerant modeling
Intrinsically reliable modeling with imported data
Attributes and callbacks
Application-specific characteristics and behavior
Session and partitioned rollback
Flexible history and undo/redo implementation
Convergent Modeling
Integrating facet data into B-Rep workflows without data conversion
.NET binding
Integrate Parasolid into .NET applications written in C#
Broad platform coverage
Comprehensive support for Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mac

License Specific Features

In addition to the foundation capabilities, there are a wealth of further features available depending on the level of Parasolid licensing selected: Designer, Editor, or Communicator.

Parasolid™ Designer
Suited for complete design functionality.
Parasolid™ Editor
Suited for model preparation in manufacturing and analysis.
Parasolid™ Communicator
Suited for interoperability, visualization and model interrogation.

Partner Success

Parasolid In Action

Discover how Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange work together to provide an ideal platform for:

  • 3D modeling with both B-Rep and facet data

  • Flawless import of B-rep data from Parasolid-based applications

  • Translation & automatic healing of many proprietary and standard formats into valid Parasolid models

  • Accessing data beyond B-Rep — including assembly, semantic PMI, and metadata