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With HOOPS Exchange, Open Mind’s HyperMILL® And HyperCAD®-S Boast Improved CAD Data Access And Reuse While Maintaining PMI And Data Integrity

“Tech Soft 3D is a trusted, reliable development partner who helps us implement specific requirements and accommodate customer requests,”

Dr. Josef Koch, CTO OPEN MIND Technologies, AG

hyperMILL® is a modular complete CAM solution for 2.5D, 3D, 5-axis, HSC/HPC, and mill-turning processes, and also includes special applications and highly efficient automation solutions. The CAM software provides technology-leading geometry analysis and tool path calculations. There are specialized routines designed for efficient programming and machining of these components on 5-axis milling or mill-turn machines. Robust CNC postprocessors are also provided to assure strong communication to machine tool controllers.

“Digital transformation is happening at lightning speed within the manufacturing industry and we are committed to helping our partners, such as OPEN MIND, keep pace with this rapid momentum,” said Lionel Vieilly, Product Manager at Tech Soft 3D. “Fast access to the full integrity of data, being able to use that data without the need for an additional translator, extreme performance with low memory usage – these are all paramount to quickly building robust, sophisticated 3D applications and we are proud to be the ones our partners look to as the gold standard.”

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