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HOOPS SDKs from Tech Soft 3D support the world's leading Shipbuilding and Marine software applications with 3D graphics toolkits for large model visualization and rich 3D CAD data translation, learn how HOOPS toolkits can enhance your naval engineering application.

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HOOPS SDKs for Shipbuilding

Tech Soft 3D’s HOOPS SDKs provide foundational platforms leveraged by industry leaders such as NAPA, Herbert-ABS, and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co. LTD to accelerate the development of innovative applications in the shipbuilding and marine market with tools for superior 3D CAD data access and advanced 3D visualization engines for desktop, mobile, and web environments.

Dependable CAD Data Access

HOOPS Exchange provides a powerful toolset for accessing native CAD data and is the fastest, most accurate 3D CAD import SDK, providing access to over 30 CAD formats like CATIA™, SolidWorks®, Autodesk DWG®, Autodesk DXF®, and many more through a single API. Provide seamless information exchange between designers and stakeholders with exact B-rep geometry, PMI, assembly tree information, and more.

Advanced 3D Visualization

HOOPS 3D Graphics SDKs provide visualization engines for viewing complex and massive 3D models in desktop, mobile, and web-based applications with built-in features for annotation, cutting planes, and other interactive capabilities for ship design and naval architecture. HOOPS Visualize provides high-quality visualization of CFD, FEA, and EM results on desktop or mobile applications while HOOPS Communicator is a fully customizable SDK for advanced high-performance, web-based visualization of 2D and 3D graphics.

Partner Success

Fueling Innovation in 3D Shipbuilding Software

Learn more about how HOOPS technology is fueling innovation in this evolving market as industry veterans NAPA and DNV as well as start-up Naval Architect explore first-hand experiences of developers building 3D software for the Marine and Naval Engineering market and their utilization of HOOPS SDKs to build industry-leading applications.

3D Modeling

Leverage leading component technology for 3D modeling, enabling your shipbuilding application to quickly turn concepts and ideas into 3D representations. Siemens Parasolid is the premier solid modeling kernel, enabling the best engineering software and includes advanced model healing, editing, and creation capabilities. MachineWorks Polygonica is the leading polygonal modeling kernel with industry-leading healing and simplification tools providing high-quality models perfectly prepped for manufacturing.

Images courtesy of Napa and Naval Architect.

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