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Photo-realistic, Stunning Visuals Now Possible with HOOPS Visualize 2019 Through Support for Physically Based Rendering


Graphics toolkit boasts major advancements in visual quality, application performance and viewing support for Autodesk Revit and BIM applications, and FBX for AR and VR applications

March 12, 2019 – Bend, OR USA – Tech Soft 3D, the leading provider of engineering software development toolkits, today announces the release of HOOPS® Visualize 2019, the gold standard graphics engine that powers hundreds of successful engineering applications worldwide. HOOPS Visualize 2019 enables photo-realistic, stunning visuals of engineering graphics through support for Physically Based Rendering (PBR).

In addition, HOOPS Visualize 2019 supports viewing 30 popular CAD formats when used with HOOPS Exchange, including the newly added Autodesk Revit files for BIM applications and FBX files for AR and VR applications.

“The expectations of today’s software developers are higher than ever, and graphics need to be realistic and fast loading – this is where HOOPS Visualize 2019 shines, and we think that our partners will be thrilled with the enhanced graphics capabilities,” said Erik Hultgren, Product Manager of Visualization Solutions at Tech Soft 3D. “We also continue to expand our format support. By supporting visualization of FBX files for AR and VR applications and providing new surface recognition functionality for mobile AR applications, it helps our partners stay on top of the latest technology trends to grow their businesses and delight their customers.”

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) is the future of computer graphics, as it provides a more realistic, consistent and predictable experience. Now with PBR, engineering software developers will be able to create tools and applications that will turbocharge the design review process, enabling better communication of design intent and utilization of assets for sales and marketing. Currently available for viewing only, access to PBR API functions will be available later this year.

3D Model PBR Comparison

In addition to PBR, HOOPS Visualize 2019 boasts multiple enhancements that give the developer more control over the end user experience. The main enhancements in this area include:


  • Using native toolkits on mobile platforms, AR applications can now recognize surfaces (walls, tables, etc.) without the need to print out a QR code and place it on a surface. HOOPS Visualize 2019 provides this new functionality along with multiple AR samples.
  • Developers can now use the VR teleport operator to implement teleport navigation from one spot to another within a Building or Plant model, versus flythrough. Flythrough with VR can sometimes make users experience motion sickness, and the teleport operator provides a more pleasing VR user experience.

GPU Power

  • Utilizing GPU Querying and Selection for DX11, developers can now specify which GPU to use for the application, ensuring their customers have the best user experience possible.

Object Highlighting

  • Significant improvements have been made to HOOPS Visualize highlighting mechanisms, making it more powerful, flexible and searchable.

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About HOOPS Visualize
Tech Soft 3D’s flagship graphics engine has powered cutting-edge graphics in hundreds of successful applications for over 20 years, including software from Oracle, SOLIDWORKS, Trimble, Hexagon, ANSYS, 3D Systems, Mitutoyo, Actify and many more. Companies across the globe rely on HOOPS Visualize for extreme power, performance and consistent stability across platforms, devices and graphics cards. Developers interested in exploring the capabilities of the HOOPS Visualize API can download a demo, or build a prototype by requesting a free 60-day evaluation.

About Tech Soft 3D
Tech Soft 3D is the leading global provider of development tools that help software teams deliver successful applications. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Tech Soft 3D also has offices in California, France, England, Germany and Japan. The company’s toolkit products power nearly 500 unique applications running on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide. For more information, visit

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