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Bologna, Italy
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HOOPS Exchange, HOOPS Publish

DPTLab Leverages HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish for its CAD Data Translation and 3D CAD Publishing Needs

“HOOPS Exchange is a leader in providing the ability to exchange product manufacturing information (PMI) without losing data and this is a reason we are leveraging this technology, to provide more value to our customers.”

Fabrizio Giudici, CEO of DPTLab

The Challenge: 

Developing engineering and design solutions, DPTLab prides itself on its community of long-term customers who continue to rely on its products year after year. The company, based in Bologna, Italy, with offices in France and Japan, aims to support designers and engineers in creating more innovative products while optimizing their product development process. 

“We have customers among all the different areas,” CEO Fabrizio Giudici said of the scope of their market. “From consumer and commercial products to mechanical components, to transportation, to mold makers, to industrial machinery.” 

DPTLab products are designed to service the entire product development cycle, from the initial concept and design, through pre-production, all the way through manufacturing. Through its array of high-performance, initiative tools, the company enables its customers the freedom to focus on their innovation and engineering. 

The company strives to ensure the relationships they create with customers last for many years. “We have a very loyal, long-term customer base,” Fabrizio explains. “Our customers continue to rely on our technology because it is the best way for them to be more efficient.” 

With organizations constantly looking to reduce waste and improve responsiveness, DPTLab products offer solutions to these goals. “Improved efficiency and flexibility are two key accomplishments you can reach with our products.” 

“We have the capability to manage and modify shapes in a very efficient way,” Fabrizio explains. “Where the standard surface design approach would require two weeks of work, you can do it in a few hours.” 

DPTLab develops its own 3D solid and surface engine rather than relying on a third party. This enables them to differentiate themselves from the competition while retaining full control over their technology stack. One area DPTLab does leverage third-party support is utilizing HOOPS products to enhance its product and the value it offers customers. 

Going Above and Beyond in CAD Data Translation Increases Value for Customers 

DPTLab is leveraging both HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish for its CAD data translation and 3D CAD publishing needs.  

With the diversity of industries serviced, focus on efficiency, and commitment to flexibility, HOOPS products are a natural fit for DPTLab. With over 30 CAD file formats supported in a single interface, HOOPS Exchange offers a similar breadth of capabilities to what DPTLab strives to provide its customers within their work. In addition, HOOPS Publish allows for quick, accurate 3D CAD publishing. 

DPTLab customers require frequent information transfers between systems, and the ability to support accurate data translation with minimal loss is a key area HOOPS products support their needs. 

“HOOPS Exchange is a leader in providing the ability to exchange product manufacturing information (PMI) without losing data,” Fabrizio explained, “and this is a reason we are leveraging this technology, to provide more value to our customers.” 

DPTLab considered several options but found HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish to offer the support they need to stand out in their space. The company demands capability, speed, and efficiency, and Tech Soft 3D delivers those elements across its features. Breadth and ease of integration were also key factors in DPTLab’s partnership with Tech Soft 3D. 

CEO Fabrizio explained, “We examined the market and found that the HOOPS products offer us a higher quality with a better range of integrations that we needed to cover the demands of our market.” 

HOOPS products will be a part of DPTLab’s continued efforts to improve its product and the value it provides its customers. Fabrizio concluded: “We will continue to work on, invest in, and develop our products to provide more tools and flexibility to our customers.” 


  • CAD, Hybrid Modeling, Molding 


  • Comprehensive CAD format support for a variety of industries 

  • Support PMI and other data beyond simple component geometry 

  • Avoid loss of information in the translation process 


  • Use the CAD data translation and publishing capabilities of HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish to increase the value provided to their customers 


  • Enhanced products provide increased value for DPTLab customers

  • Powerful, intuitive CAD translation and publishing capabilities for DPTLab products 

  • Maintain data integrity across import/export situations 

  • Enables DPTLab to continue its focus on efficiency and flexibility

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