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CAE SDK for fail-free automatic mesh generation

CEETRON Mesh is Tech Soft 3D’s fail-free, comprehensive 2D & 3D meshing component for CAE application development. This robust CAE toolkit provides ultimate reliability with exact arithmetic predicate technology and best-in-class boundary recovery.

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Extensive Meshing Toolkit

CEETRON Mesh provides a single programming interface to enable CAE applications with fully automatic mesh generation.

The technology bundle includes algorithms to deliver planar triangular meshes, triangular and quadrilateral 2.5D surface meshes, tetrahedral volume meshes, as well as hybrid volume meshes with pyramidal element transitions between quadrilateral faces to interior tetrahedra.

With over 20 years’ experience, our partners confidently rely on Ceetron Mesh as a dependable and versatile source of mesh generation technology.

Features & Benefits

The CEETRON Mesh software component empowers your engineering teams to seamlessly integrate robust mesh generation in your CAE application.

Unmatched Reliability
Mesh generation requires consistent corner-case evaluation of geometric values such as element volumes or relative node positions. The exact arithmetic embedded in Ceetron Mesh, combined to a hardened boundary recovery scheme, ensures fail-free operation of both 2D planar and 3D volume algorithms.
High-Order Elements
All CEETRON Mesh generators produce linear and parabolic elements, and all unstructured generators can yield cubic elements. Furthermore, the meshing toolkit offers unique capabilities to accept parabolic triangles as input to the tetrahedral mesh generator. A specific handling of the parabolic surface triangulation provides unequalled robustness while building high-quality parabolic tetrahedral meshes.
Mesh Size & Quality Control
CEETRON Mesh provides extensive options to control both (an)isotropic mesh size and element quality. It allows size localization on model entities, within simple geometric shapes, within a depth from the boundary or even by a user-defined callback. Surface element quality control options include maximum skew angle, maximum quadrilateral warp angle, hard edge length and edge altitude ratio for triangles.
CAD Integration
CEETRON Mesh is delivered with sample integration source code to popular kernels such as Parasolid, OpenCascade and ACIS. CAD-bridging capabilities are further expanded by combining Ceetron Mesh with HOOPS Exchange, Tech Soft 3D’s unique SDK for CAD data access to 30+ industry-standard formats

Surface Mesher

The 2.5D surface mesher takes as input a triangular tessellation of the geometric surfaces. Its underlying geometry representation allows for easy agnostic integration to industry-standard kernels. Forwarding geometry information is fully supported: users may attach any number of associations to the tessellation.

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3D Meshing

Along with the main hybrid advancing front/Delaunay tetrahedral generator, CEETRON Mesh offers a variety of other possibilities, including mapped-mesh and extrusion generators. Triangular, quadrilateral, tetrahedral, wedge, pyramidal and hexahedral elements may be generated.

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