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Autodesk OEM Platforms

Leverage powerful, proven CAD software solutions and make them your own with Autodesk OEM platforms.


Growing your business starts by addressing market needs not served by existing solutions. Get an advanced start building your custom application by starting with the world's most proven CAD system. AutoCAD OEM is a software development platform for rapidly building applications, and rapidly building your business.

Develop with all the tools and features you need in one cost-effective product. No need to devote resources to re-inventing the wheel, and no need for you or your customers to license other technology.

Inventor OEM

For a nimble company, there are many opportunities to grow by filling industry gaps not addressed by the big players. Inventor OEM is a software development platform for rapidly building custom mechanical and manufacturing applications. In as little as a few weeks you can have a unique, branded application built upon the proven power of Autodesk Inventor.

Your product may be built on Inventor OEM, but the customer will experience an application uniquely yours.


RealDWG is the World’s #1 DWG file access SDK that will enable you to get to market faster whilst still maintaining fast, accurate DWG/DXF file access. The native DWG file SDK will enable your application and end-users to easily share their design data. Create a standalone application with full DWG/DXF compatibility without any dependency on AutoCAD or other verticals.