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Fast, Accurate CAD Data Translation

Tech Soft 3D’s CAD data translation toolkits allow for fast, accurate CAD data access & viewing enabling broad CAD file read and write capabilities without dependency on proprietary CAD systems and without having to develop file-reading technology in-house.

3D CAD data translation with HOOPS Exchange

HOOPS Exchange is the leading SDK for 3D CAD data translation enabling access to a broad range of data such as boundary representation, product manufacturing information, and model trees. The powerful C++ API provides access to over 30 CAD file formats including CATIA®, SOLIDWORKS®, Inventor®, Creo®, NX™, Solid Edge® and many more through a single interface.

CAD Data Translation + Graphics Engine

Leveraging the power of HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Communicator, the HOOPS Web Platform accelerates development by integrating CAD import, web graphics and prebuilt UI components into a single API allowing your team to rapidly build 3D web apps.

Building a desktop, mobile, AR or VR app? Check out the HOOPS Native Platform and see the power of integrated SDKs for CAD import and 3D graphics.

Partner Success

Oracle Autovue

"It was the best performing technology we tested, fast and accurate. Working with Tech Soft 3D was a great experience, they were very responsive and quick to resolve issues."

Thierry Bonfante, Sr. Director Product Development, Oracle

Discover why Oracle chose HOOPS Exchange to reduce development costs and added fast and accurate 3D data access for over 20 CAD formats to their AutoVue Enterprise Visualization solution.

Partner Success Story (PDF)

Partner Success


"By using HOOPS Exchange, we’ve essentially cut the time spent on in-house development of CAD input-output code libraries down to zero."

Vishal Nair, CTO, ESS

Learn more about ESS and why they chose HOOPS Exchange for their simulation software.

Partner Success Story (PDF)

Partner Success


"The main thing is that HOOPS does what it says on the tin. When we import CAD data with HOOPS Exchange, we get the data that we expect. Our customers expect to see reliable data when they’re making important decisions based on visualizations. Having reliable and dependable data is one of the most important things for them."

Barry King, Virtalis

Learn more about Virtalis and why they chose HOOPS Visualize for their software.

Partner Success Story (PDF)

Partner Success

DP Technology ESPRIT Software

“We put HOOPS Exchange and other potential vendor solutions through a rigorous testing process with hundreds of test files. We found HOOPS to have high import quality across all the CAD file formats, with a very fast loading time, and very low memory usage. That was very important to us.”

Ivan Krstic, Director of Product Engineering R&D
DP Technology

Learn more about DP Technology and why they chose HOOPS Exchange for CAD data access for ESPRIT software.

Partner Success Story (PDF)