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HOOPS Visualize 2023

What’s New in HOOPS Visualize 2023

The HOOPS product teams have largely focused their efforts on delivering partner needs and providing timely product releases across the entire platform. Continue reading below to find out more about HOOPS Communicator 2023.

Custom shaders: pixel & vertex

Added support for pixel and vertex shaders in HOOPS Visualize 2023 provides developers with greater control over how geometry is rendered than previously available in the HPS API, enabling visualization of complex data sets and physical phenomena. This is especially valuable to simulation applications where the display of computational results is necessary for the comprehension of multiple interacting parameters.

Additional platform support

HOOPS Visualize 2023 now supports Visual Studio 2019, protecting our partners' investment in adopting the HOOPS Product suite as the supporting technology stacks evolve. This update allows partners to adopt more modern compiler and language features like C++-17 in the WindowsTM platform's standard compiler.

Support for IFC entity relationships

HOOPS Visualize 2023 supports access to spatial relationship data from IFC files. This is a critical component for our partners in the BIM market and these relationships are crucial for many BIM workflows, such as Quantity Take Off.

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Support for Apple Metal graphics

HOOPS Visualize 2023 features official support for Apple’s graphics driver, Metal. With Apple’s depreciation of OpenGL, support for Metal has become critical for applications being developed and deployed on macOS and iOS. HOOPS Visualize partners can now easily migrate to Metal from OpenGL with a few lines of code.

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