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HOOPS Publish 2023

What’s New in HOOPS Publish 2023

The HOOPS product teams have largely focused their efforts on delivering partner needs and providing timely product releases across the entire platform. Continue reading below to find out more about HOOPS Publish 2023.

Support for Visual Studio 2019, enhanced PMI association, and improved thumbnail generation

HOOPS Publish 2023 now supports Visual Studio 2019, protecting our partners' investment in adopting the HOOPS Product suite as the supporting technology stacks evolve. This update allows partners to adopt more modern compiler and language features like C++-17 in the WindowsTM platform's standard compiler.

The 2023 HOOPS Publish release also features enhanced PMI association and cross-highlighting support of RiPointSet as well as improved thumbnail generation, resulting in improved file conversion and loading performance.

Questions surrounding the HOOPS 2023 release? Join the conversation in our community forum.