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HOOPS 2022 Service Pack 2

What’s New in HOOPS 2022 SP2

HOOPS Exchange

Format updates:

Our first priority is to deliver quick format updates for both native CAD and standard formats in a timely manner so that the applications our partners are developing can access the latest versions of these formats. Since the release of HOOPS Exchange SP1 we have released four updated formats:

  • HE 2022 SP2: released August 9th

    • Creo 9

    • Inventor 2023

    • Parasolid 34.1

    • NX 2206

Official support for Navisworks

HOOPS Exchange Service Pack 2 introduces official support for the Navisworks file format (NWD). HOOPS Exchange users will now be able to programmatically access the model tree structure, metadata, tessellation, color transparency, and saved Navisworks views with readers available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

HOOPS Exchange and Parasolid bridge now available on macOS & macARM

macOS & macARM users can now utilize the HOOPS Exchange and Siemens Parasolid bridge, lowering the barrier to swift, productive solid modeling within a multi-format environment and enabling users to accurately import HOOPS Exchange supported file formats into a Parasolid session.

HOOPS Communicator

SpaceMouse support

HOOPS Communicator has added feature support for 3Dconnexion’s SpaceMouse allowing users to utilize its professional 3D navigation and ergonomic design. The 2022 SP2 release of HOOPS Communicator supports SpaceMouse’s Object Mode and Camera Mode allowing for either object rotation or camera view rotation.

HOOPS Visualize

Official support for Apple Metal Graphics

HOOPS Visualize 2022 SP2 features official support for Apple’s graphics driver, Metal. With Apple’s depreciation of OpenGL, support for Metal has become critical for applications being developed and deployed on macOS and iOS. HOOPS Visualize partners can now easily migrate to Metal from OpenGL with a few lines of code.

Support for IFC entity relationships

Support for IFC entity relationships within HOOPS Visualize is now accessible via the HOOPS Exchange sprocket. This is an important feature for many of our partners in the BIM market as this type of data is crucial for many BIM workflows, such as model validation and quantity take off. Previously this functionality was only accessible via the HOOPS Exchange API.

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