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HOOPS 2022 Service Pack 1

What’s New in HOOPS 2022 SP1


Format Updates

Our first priority is to deliver quick format updates for both native CAD and standard formats in a timely manner so that the applications our partners are developing can access the latest versions. During the last quarter, we have released 5 updated formats:

  • HE 2022 U1: released March 2nd

    • SolidWorks 2022

    • Solid Edge 2022

    • NX 2007

  • HE 2022 SP1: released May 4th

    • JT 10.6

    • Revit 2022

Supporting Rich Data

HOOPS Exchange, Service Pack 1 continues to support manufacturing and digital construction workflows with access to rich engineering data which now includes Rhino meta-data, Creo material names, and Revit mass objects. This release also includes enhanced support for Inventor BREP loft and skins, as well as support for SOLIDWORKS external threaded studs which was originally introduced in the release of SOLIDWORKS 2022.

Beta support for Navisworks NWD

Autodesk Navisworks is a 3D design review package used primarily in construction industries to complement 3D design packages (such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, and MicroStation). Navisworks allows users to open and combine 3D models from different sources, navigate and review the model using a set of tools including measurements, redlining, clash detection, and others. HOOPS 2022 SP1 introduces the support of the NWD format as a Beta version. Note that other formats (NWF and NWC) are not planned to be implemented in the future.

The NWD format is a snapshot of a Navisworks session, meaning that one single NWD file contains all the data from a session: hierarchy of data, geometry (tessellation only), meta-data, cameras, markups, and others.

This first version of the NWD reader supports:

  • NWD files from Navisworks 2012 to 2022

  • Structure: Model tree, Transformations, Names, GUID

  • Geometry: Tessellation, Wireframe, Point

  • Colors

  • Meta-data

  • Views

Official support for the Navisworks NWD format is planned for HOOPS 2022 SP2 (July 2022)

HOOPS Communicator

DWG Drawing Improvements

The 2022 SP1 release of HOOPS Communicator includes enhanced conversion support for DWG drawing elements, resulting in a cleaner and faster model loading time.

HOOPS Visualize

Support for IFC entity relationships

Visualize now supports access to spatial relationship data from IFC files. This is a critical component for our partners in the BIM market and these relationships are crucial for many BIM workflows, such as Quantity Take Off. In this release, this data is accessible only via the HOOPS Exchange API. Access via the HOOPS Exchange Sprocket is planned for the SP2 release of HOOPS Visualize currently scheduled for July 2022.