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Every Bit Counts

By Ron Fritz • 
March 8th, 2022

Like most of the world, the team here at Tech Soft 3D has been shocked, horrified and deeply saddened by the attack on the people of Ukraine by the Russian government. We condemn these inhumane and unjust actions and our hearts go out to all of those directly impacted, and to all of their friends and family around the world.

It’s been encouraging to see the world rally around the Ukrainian cause. It’s particularly heartening to see so many major corporations pulling back from doing business in Russia. These moves by many of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands are laudable, demonstrating that for many companies, it’s not entirely about the bottom line. It shows that principals matter, too, and that companies can (and should) use their industry presence and influence as a force for good.

Effective this week, Tech Soft 3D has halted all new and existing business in Russia and will continue with this position unless and until this aggression ceases and those responsible are held accountable. We also are matching employee donations to any cause that supports Ukrainian defense or relief for the people impacted.

In general, companies choosing to back away from business relationships in Russia are motivated by a few factors:

a) Remove any flow of finances that could support the war effort or the Putin administration;

b) Put pressure on the Russian economy, which hopefully encourages the administration to cease their aggressions;

c) Put their money where their mouths are when it comes to their values.

Here at Tech Soft 3D, we know that as a relatively small company our actions will have virtually no impact on the economy of Russia. We understand that our ability to influence factors (a) or (b) above are minimal. However, we felt we had to do something, because we recognize that the relatively smaller actions of the many can add up to a sizable impact.

We also felt compelled to act because of our values. As a people-centric company who respects the rights of every individual, we simply couldn’t stomach the idea of providing core technologies to companies in Russia whose products were used, even tangentially, to support military aggression.

Every little bit counts and every effort adds to the whole and we encourage more companies – large, medium or small, to do the same and to join the chorus of individuals and organizations taking a united stand against aggression.


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