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Center Stage: Women in Tech Edition - Roshin Abraham

Harry Lees • 
March 7th, 2024

With International Women’s Day on March 8th, we wanted to take some time to highlight just a few of the incredible women who work at Tech Soft 3D. By sharing their experiences, career paths, and insights, we celebrate our team members and hope to amplify their voices to other women and girls, especially those in STEM fields. One of the women who we sat down and talked to was one of our Software Engineers, Roshin Abraham.

Roshin Abraham has been in the tech industry for about a decade now, starting off her career in her native India for a little over two years before moving to the United States. She joined us during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, finding us after searching for remote work opportunities where she could put her engineering skills to use. Since then, she has been a valuable addition to our team.

When asked about advice for young women and girls going into STEM, Roshin stressed the need to speak freely, openly, and frequently, even in circumstances where you might be the only woman.

“It can get scary, you feel like you will be judged on everything you say,” Roshin shared, “it's about not being afraid to express your opinion, even if you feel out of place.” For many, it isn’t always possible to do that. “If you can’t express your opinion, focus on listening, and learning, so you can do better - don’t be swallowed by that fear."

Finding the right mentors is key to developing as a woman in STEM. Roshin encourages young women to seek out these mentors, even if it's only for a limited time, and learn from them: "Seek out people with whom you can make mistakes around, who can give you honest feedback while being receptive to new ideas. "

A good culture fit at the company you work for can make a huge difference in your experience for anyone, and Roshin highlighted the importance of this for women in STEM. The right environment can ease the feelings of anxiety and help you feel more comfortable speaking out. 

“You have to feel mentally safe to be able to express that opinion,” Roshin told us. “Some companies I have worked with earlier did not make me feel that, but I absolutely feel that at Tech Soft 3D.”

Roshin summarized how she feels supported by the team and environment around her: “Culture wise, peers and colleagues wise, Tech Soft 3D has been the best place I’ve worked. I feel cared for by my company, and that matters to me.”

Of course, Roshin is far more than just a Tech Soft 3D Employee - she is a new mother, a manga and anime fan, and a foodie. When not at work, she likes to spend her time exploring local cafes and restaurants. At home, she has struck a great balance for a food lover, with her husband a great cook and herself a fan of making creative sweet treats. 

Roshin is a valuable part of our team here at Tech Soft 3D. She is a great example of a woman in STEM thriving in her career, role as a new mother, and person as a whole, and we are proud to put her Center Stage.

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