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Beyond 3D Podcast: An Executive Perspective on the Future of AEC

January 7th, 2021

Recently, Ron Fritz, CEO of Tech Soft 3D, hosted a roundtable discussion with four other technology executives to discuss trends circling around the AEC industry, including the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing AEC to digitize and modernize faster than it otherwise would. How will the industry change? Which areas will be first to evolve, and which will be resistant to transformation? And ten years from now, what aspect of AEC that we take for granted today will look like something out of the Stone Age?

Offering their thoughts on these and other matters are:

  • Anand Mecheri, CEO of Invicara, a developer of digital twin solutions

  • Clifton Harness, CEO of TestFit, an automated building configurator

  • Hilmar Gunnarsson, CEO of Arkio, a provider of collaborative design tools for architecture

  • Richard Humphrey, Vice President of Product Strategy and Product Management at Bentley Systems, a provider of AEC software

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