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The DWG file format is one of the most common design formats and is used and found in nearly any design environment. DWG is the AutoCAD file format and is used internally by Autodesk in AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor etc. as well as 1000s of 3rd party applications. The RealDWG SDK offers full access to all 2D and 3D data including the Design, Geometry, Structure, Text and Metadata.

RealDWG is the World’s #1 DWG file access SDK that will enable you to get to market faster whilst still maintaining fast, accurate DWG/DXF file access. The native DWG file SDK will enable your application and end-users to easily share their design data. Create a standalone application with full DWG/DXF compatibility without any dependency on AutoCAD or other verticals.

Product Benefits

  • 100% accuracy with the proprietary DWG format
  • Never out of date. Always supports the latest DWG version
  • Create a standalone DWG compatible product
  • Work in your programming language
  • Support the de facto CAD file format
  • Create content that will be compatible with AutoCAD and other DWG capable products
  • Gain compatibility with 1000s of other DWG products
  • Supports Autodesk and 3rd party custom objects
  • Same release cycle as AutoCAD and its verticals
  • Royalty free distribution model
  • Final product has no dependency on AutoCAD software

Product Features

  • Read, write and access all DWG and DXF files
  • Backwards compatible with previous versions back to release R14
  • Read files in and save out in any supported format
  • The SDK comes with a C++ API as well as a managed (.NET framework) API
  • Uses AutoCAD core technology
  • Produces TrustedDWG compliant DWG files
  • Supports both 32bit and 64bit systems
  • Support for 12 spoken languages
  • Supports native and 3rd party object enablers
  • Resolves external references (xrefs)
  • RealDWG is a subset of the ObjectARX SDK. ObjectARX is the AutoCAD SDK

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