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3D printing, increasingly large models and improved methods of rapid CAE meshing are just three of the industry trends making triangle handling more important than ever. Polygonica is the ultra-high-performance polygon-based modeling kernel that will help you address these and other market needs.

With Polygonica, your users will be able to clean and heal models in preparation for 3D printing, simplify triangle counts for faster rendering and create watertight representations for accurate CAE meshing.

Refined over 20 years of intensive industrial use, Polygonica delivers proven APIs that provide the advanced functionality required for a broad set of triangle-based operations.

If triangles matter in your application, Polygonica will make a world of difference.


Polygonica offers developers an unparalleled combination of speed, functionality and usability.

Extremely Fast
Healing, Boolean and other operations are completed in mere milliseconds. At the click of a button, your customers' models are automatically modified and ready to advance to the next phase in the workflow.

Remarkably Robust
Polygonica delivers fully automated operations for all types of objects, regardless of size or level of complexity. Give your users the ability to work quickly and without time-draining, inefficient model rework.

Easily Integrated
Powerful, complex technology is bundled into easy-to-use APIs. Save development time and hassle with a quick integration to existing applications, HOOPS Visualize or other SDKs.


Polygonica outperforms other polygonal modeling solutions with its array of smart, effective features.

Where other products fail, Polygonica quickly and reliably closes solids, fixes self-intersections, removes noise shells and more, on a variety of file types and sizes. Your customers will be freed from manually fixing models, both saving time and improving downstream operations. Polygonica's healing features are extremely effective in eliminating overlapping triangles in 3D printing, creating error-free meshes for CAE analysis, and in advancing any workflow requiring closed, watertight models.

Boolean Operations
Polygonica performs unions, subtractions and intersections accurately and instantaneously, even when done successively on very large models. Its powerful Boolean capabilities are perfect for removing errors or unwanted components prior to 3D printing, combining objects for CAE, and much more.

Fast, powerful and easy-to-use, Polygonica's no-fail offsetting tools allow for smooth 3D printing. Your users can offset down in order to hollow a model and save material, or offset up to account for shrinkage after cooling. Offsetting is also helpful for polygon-driven applications, and generating 3D solids that show possible collision areas for any given tolerance in Robotics.

Simplification is the science of maintaining visual quality while reducing the size of a polygonal model for improved performance and downstream use. Empower your customers to simplify massive models to a manageable size to work with 3D printing software. Smaller data sets also enable better collaboration via 3D PDF or other 3D CAD viewers. This functionality works well for 3D Printing, CAE, CAD, BIM and Robotics.

High Speed Clash Detection
When multiple models share a space, extremely fast clash detection from Polygonica ensures that points of intersection are identified and corrected at an early stage. This functionality is critical for intersection checking and simulation in EDA, Robotics and BIM.

Additional Computational Tools
Slice, silhouette, profile, spin volumes and sweep tools are ideal for Medical, polygon-driven applications, and robot simulation in a factory floor.


Polygonica enhances the workflows in a wide range of industries, including:

3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping
Enable your customers to optimize their 3D printing experiences with a range of tools. Polygonica's healing cleans models and simplifies polygons for problem-free prototyping from finicky 3D printing software. Hollow out the solid to save on material cost, or offset up to account for shrinkage during cooling. And with convenient STL and mesh export, your users can communicate directly with 3D printers for faster results.

Design, Analysis and Manufacturing
Provide robust polygonal modeling to a wide variety of engineering sectors, including EDA, CAE, CFD, Machine Tools, Analysis, reverse engineering and more. Polygonica's array of features are ideal for healing, simplifying and modifying data from a mere concept on a monitor to a real-world creation on the manufacturing floor.

Give your customers space-maximizing tools for smarter factory layouts. Fast collision detection and offsetting features can help to quickly calculate precise robotic movements. Simplification enhances the computational performance of collision detections, and polygon reduction allows for easy viewing of large models and simulations, even on tablets.

Empower your users to visualize massive building models without sacrificing performance. Advanced collision detection assures confident construction. Polygonica reduces the polygon count without changing the look and feel of original 3D models, while at the same time enhancing the rendering performance. Lighter models can then travel easily through 3D PDF and web-based viewing solutions.

Bring the full power of 3D to the medical sector, which increasingly relies on 3D to educate patients and print individualized products. Healing features make scanned, error-prone models 3D-printable. Solid sweeping and Boolean operations allow complex body parts to be edited.

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