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3D software toolkit for processing polygon meshes

Polygonica by MachineWorks provides essential 3D meshing functionality through a unique Boolean engine for automatic mesh repair, offsetting, model simplification, and much more. Learn how Polygonica and HOOPS SDKs pair together to build powerful 3D engineering applications.

Polygonica & HOOPS
Popular Workflows
Partner Success
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The Premier 3D Mesh Processing SDK

Polygonica provides advanced functionality for 3D printing and mesh editing workflows with advanced Boolean operations, automatic mesh repair, offsetting, model simplification, and much more. This trusted SDK can be found in applications from leaders such as Desktop Metal, Renishaw, 3D Systems, and Ansys.

Polygonica & HOOPS

With a partnership dating back to 2014 Polygonica and the HOOPS toolkits have been integrated into some of the world's leading manufacturing applications. Load over 30 different CAD file formats with HOOPS Exchange including SOLIDWORKS, Catia, Creo, Inventor, STEP, STL, and many more, process data with Polygonica, then view and interact with 3D data using HOOPS Visualize or HOOPS Communicator. Watch the video to learn more about Polygonica and HOOPS integrations.

Popular Workflows

Additive Manufacturing
Fix errors, heal & repair, prep data, slicing & 2D processing
Generative Design
Constraint preparation, auto-heal, Boolean, & optimization calculation
Model reference, scan to mesh & heal, direct modeling with Booleans, export downstream
Analyze model with feature detection, toolpath generation, & simulation
Medical & Dental
Generate model from point cloud to mesh, smoothing, and model editing with Booleans
Data preparation, auto heal, decimate, surface and feature detection, Boolean, offset, defeature, shrink-wrap, isolate internals, remesh

Features & Functionality

Polygonica quickly and reliably closes solids, fixes self-intersections, removes noise shells, and more, on a variety of file types and sizes. Eliminate overlapping triangles in 3D printing, creating error-free meshes for CAE analysis, and in advancing any workflow requiring closed, watertight models.
Boolean Operations
Perform unions, subtractions, and intersections accurately and instantaneously, even when done successively on large models. These powerful Boolean capabilities are perfect for removing errors or unwanted components prior to 3D printing, combining objects for CAE, and much more.
Polygonica's no-fail offsetting tools allow for smooth 3D printing. Users can offset down in order to hollow a model and save material or offset up to account for shrinkage after cooling. Offsetting is also helpful for polygon- driven applications and generating 3D solids that show possible collision areas for any given tolerance in Robotics
Maintain visual quality while reducing the size of a polygonal model for improved performance and downstream use. Simplify massive models to a manageable size to work with 3D printing software. Smaller data sets also enable better collaboration via 3D PDF or other 3D CAD viewers. This functionality works well for 3D Printing, CAE, CAD, Digital Construction, and Robotics.
Clash Detection
fast clash detection from Polygonica ensures that points of intersection are identified and corrected at an early stage. This functionality is critical for intersection checking and simulation in EDA, Robotics and BIM.

Partner Success

Polygonica In Action

This Windows desktop application showcases how Tech Soft and MachineWorks SDKs can work together to create a powerful 3D Printing application. Mesh data loads into MachineWork’s Polygonica SDK, which analyzes it for 3D printing. Polygonica displays and heals errors, simplifies meshes, and hollows solids. Watch the video to learn more.