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Inventor OEM

For a nimble, insightful company, there are many opportunities to grow by filling industry gaps not addressed by the big players. By moving quickly, you can serve the market spaces that you have identified, claim market share and reap the rewards. For market opportunities in the broad mechanical/manufacturing category, Inventor OEM will give you the speed and power you need to strike fast.

In as little as a few weeks, you can have a unique branded application built upon the proven power of Autodesk Inventor. Flexible licensing will also provide you with the margin needed to invest in growing your business further.

Explore Autodesk Inventor OEM Technical Documentation.

OEM Product Benefits

Ship Faster: Begin your project closer to the end goal with intuitive wizards and productivity tools that keep your development schedule on track.

Save Money: Develop with all the tools and features you need in one cost-effective product. No need to devote resources to re-inventing the wheel, and no need to license other technology.

Make it Your Own: Create a customized look-and-feel through one-of-a-kind images, splash screens, icons, drop-down menus, licensing, naming and branding. Your product may be built on Inventor OEM, but the customer will experience an application uniquely yours.

Build with Confidence: Give your application support for the latest operating systems and platforms, and the broad appeal of a familiar interface and logical commands. Benefit directly from the millions of development hours that have gone into making Inventor OEM the trusted and proven platform it is today.

Technical Overview

Technical overview of the Inventor OEM platform for software developers, see the toolkit components and workflow to create your unique CAD application explained.

In this video we'll cover:

  • Installed components
  • Developer documentation and resources
  • OEM Configurator
  • Customizing UI and appearance
  • Adding runtime modules
  • Branding a unique stand-alone product
  • Creating a distributable package

What's Included

iLogic Module

    Create smart parts and assemblies that define multiple product configurations. Make automatic updates in real time based on logical relationships between design parameters such as mass, volume, dimensional values, material types, feature and component activation, suppression, patterns, and more. Simplify rules-based design with intuitive, clickable tools that any user working at the individual or engineering workgroup level can use – even those with little or no programming experience. Automate tedious design tasks by adding the highest levels of intelligence to your digital prototypes.

BIM Exchange

Comprehensive CAD Translation

Inventor OEM API

Develop In Multiple Languages

Sample Branded Application

Inventor OEM Configurator


Inventor OEM is a software development platform for rapidly building mechanical and manufacturing applications. In as little as a few weeks you can create a unique application built upon the proven power of Autodesk Inventor.

Create your own product sold through your channels and based on your licensing model, with customized images, splash screens, icons, menus, naming, and branding. Your product may be built on Inventor OEM, but the customer will experience an application uniquely yours.

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