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Graphics toolkit for photo-realistic and advanced real-time rendering

HOOPS Luminate enables developers to write engineering applications that include advanced graphic technologies for superior, realistic rendering.

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Superior rendering

The HOOPS Luminate C++ library equips developers with a comprehensive set of tools and features for advanced rendering, enabling them to create visually stunning interactive 3D applications across different platforms and industries.

A direct bridge with HOOPS Visualize combines the power of the world’s leading engineering graphics engine with this sophisticated API, providing advanced engineering functionality and exceptional rendering quality.

HOOPS Luminate coupled with HOOPS Visualize empowers developers to create exceptional visual results while incorporating powerful engineering features into their applications.

Product Features

HOOPS Luminate provides all the graphics features for enhancing your 3D engineering application with advanced real-time and photo-realistic rendering.

Photo-Realistic Path & Ray Tracing
All the rendering features needed for creating stunning photo-realistic images. Additionally, advanced and physically correct lighting effects such as reflections, refractions, soft shadows, global illumination, caustics, and – thanks to its granular API – allow for great control of the rendering process and results.
Advanced Real-Time Rendering
Render high-quality, realistic 3D scenes at interactive frame rates thanks to an OpenGL-based, hardware-accelerated engine and techniques drawn from gaming engines.
Advanced Realistic Materials
Hundreds of proprietary, highly customizable, materials create superior realism based on physical parameters and are ready for rendering. The library includes stone, wood, concrete, fabric, metal, plastic, ceramic, and more.
Hybrid Rendering Mode
Natively combine advanced real-time rendering with photo-realistic ray tracing concurrently in the same view of an application.
Advanced Lighting Techniques
Realistically simulate all complex light interactions. HOOPS Luminate can produce highly realistic reflections, refractions, soft shadows, caustics, ambient occlusion, and global illumination.

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HOOPS Visualize + HOOPS Luminate

An integration between HOOPS Visualize and HOOPS Luminate provides a swift, and effortless path to generate high-quality images directly from HOOPS Visualize-based applications while experiencing enhanced precision and control throughout the rendering process. Enjoy a distinct, and powerful solution that brings a new level of realism to your application.

Developer Resources

All the resources you need to quickly get started and learn how to use the HOOPS Luminate SDK for photo-realistic rendering.

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