Growing your business starts by addressing market needs not served by existing solutions. When you see those opportunities, you need to move quickly to fill the market space and reap the rewards. Developing and selling plug-ins was a good first step for your business, but now you’re ready to drive revenue and margin growth by creating your own applications. AutoCAD OEM is a platform for rapidly building applications, and rapidly building your business. Your starting point will be the world’s most proven CAD system. To make it your own, simply “hide” any unneeded AutoCAD functionality, add your unique value by adding plug-ins, and stamp the application with your own brand and look-and-feel. With the speed and efficiency of Tech Soft 3D solutions, you can successfully extend your reach by entering the software application business.


Fast-Track your Development: Begin your project closer to the end goal with intuitive wizards and productivity tools that keep your development schedule on track.

Get Everything You Need in One Cost-Effective Platform: Develop with all the tools and features you need in one cost-effective product. No need to devote resources to re-inventing the wheel, and no need to license other technology.

Develop a Branded Application with a Powerful Foundation: Create a customized look-and-feel through one-of-a-kind images, splash screens, icons, drop-down menus, licensing, naming, and branding. Your product may be built on AutoCAD OEM, but the customer will experience an application uniquely yours.

Build on the CAD Standard: Give your application support for the latest operating systems and platforms, and the broad appeal of a familiar interface and logical commands. Access a wealth of development tools, on line help, forums, training and the vast Autodesk Developer Network. Benefit directly from the millions of development hours that have gone into making AutoCAD the trusted and proven product it is today.


The OEM Development Toolkit, including:

  • A full no-license-required version of AutoCAD that can be used for building your application
  • 2 wizards that can be used to configure and customize your OEM application
  • Sample projects and tutorials
  • Specific OEM documentation
Multiple Development Options
  • Support for Object ARX with C++, .NET, ActiveX, VBA, AutoLISP and Java Script APIs
  • Enable your customers to interact with your application via a desktop application, through a child window, Microsoft Windows .NET, or a web page
  • Option to develop in nine languages (English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish) using the native fonts
The AutoCAD OEM Platform, with tools to:
  • Construct your own AutoCAD-based application
  • Create a branded look and feel with splash screens and icons
  • Customize your product’s functionality with only the features and menus you need
  • Add specialized features tailored to your target customers
  • Create the installer and packaging for shipping
  • Use security mechanisms to encrypt against copying and reverse-engineering as well as manage your users’ design activities
  • Use a no-license-required version of AutoCAD OEM for debugging and quick testing
  • Access robust 2D and 3D functionality
  • Create custom user documentation and integrated help file system
The OEM Make Wizard to configure:
  • Your product name
  • What commands to include
  • What features to enable/disable
  • Splash screens and images
  • Icons and background images
The OEM Installer Wizard to configure and create your deployment
  • Creates customized installation media for your product
  • Allows for full manipulation of the resources
  • Enables you to fully customize the installation experience

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