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Product Lifecycle Management

HOOPS SDKs power today’s leading PLM and PDM applications providing developers the needed tools to build modern software with accurate CAD data import and export, 3D visualization, and PDF reporting. Learn how Tech Soft 3D’s HOOPS SDKs can add value to your new or existing Product Lifecycle application.

CAD Import

3D Graphics

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SDKs for Your 3D Workflows

HOOPS Software Development Kits provide your development teams with the tools needed to access over 30 native and standard CAD file formats, compelling 3D visualization for web, mobile, and desktop, as well as 3D PDF and smart report generation. Whether it’s 3D visual collaboration or robust CAD data access, the HOOPS toolkits support your end-users 3D needs.

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Fast & Accurate CAD Data Access

Enable your PLM software with CAD data import and export, accessing over 30 CAD formats with the HOOPS Exchange toolkit. Exchange provides deep data interrogation beyond the solid model to power workflows like analysis, manufacturing, inspection, and documentation. Support advanced assembly management through its shattered assembly interface and quickly access only necessary parts and subassemblies, switch out revisions and combine data from different CAD systems. See why Aras and Oracle chose HOOPS Exchange for CAD data translation.

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3D Graphics Toolkits for PLM & PDM Software

HOOPS Graphics solutions remove strain on development resources by providing developers the tools needed to quickly add 3D viewing to applications, enabling users to display and interact with 3D CAD data in all major web browsers, mobile devices, and desktops. HOOPS Visualize provides high-quality rendering on desktop or mobile applications while HOOPS Communicator is a fully customizable SDK for high-performance, web-based visualization of 3D graphics. .

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Partner Success


"We did some research into what our competitors and colleagues in the industry were using for 3D, and HOOPS came up time and time again. We felt that selecting something that was so widely used for our own product was a wise choice."

Hakan Karden, Founder and Marketing Director, Eurostep

Discover how Tech Soft 3D helps Eurostep bring 3D capabilities to its flagship collaboration hub.

Partner Success Story (PDF)

Partner Success

ARAS Innovator

“We’re very picky about who we partner with and Ron and team have been outstanding. It’s the willingness to engage and solve problems together that’s making a big difference.”

Peter Schroer, CEO of Aras

Learn how HOOPS Communicator, HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish helped Aras attract some of the world's largest manufacturers to choose Aras Innovator to manage the lifecycle of their products.

Partner Success Story (Video)

Partner Success

Oracle Autovue

"It was the best performing technology we tested, fast and accurate. Working with Tech Soft 3D was a great experience, they were very responsive and quick to resolve issues."

Thierry Bonfante, Sr. Director Product Development, Oracle

Discover why Oracle chose HOOPS Exchange to reduce development costs and added fast and accurate 3D data access for over 20 CAD formats to their AutoVue Enterprise Visualization solution.

Partner Success Story (PDF)

Partner Success


"Thanks to Tech Soft 3D, we’re at a point technologically now where customers can extract the data from many different CAD formats, and reconcile it against Routings and mBOMs for a specific configuration or even a range of variants."

David Sly, President, Proplanner

Discover how Tech Soft 3D helps Proplanner solve a decades-old data management challenge for manufacturing customers.

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Explore the power of the HOOPS Web Platform

Assembly Management and 3D Visualization for PLM

HOOPS Communicator provides numerous ways to navigate your data like loading from an assembly tree, bill of materials or by bounding volume. View massive assemblies and load them using the powerful streaming geometry server, rendering on a server and video streaming the session. Further interrogate your data using the built-in assembly explode and cutting plane tools.

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Fueling Innovation in PLM: Eurostep and the HOOPS Web Platform

Eurostep, a leader in the PLM market introduces their ShareAspace application and explores the role of the HOOPS Web Platform in providing CAD data access and web-based engineering graphics to their end users for secure PLM collaboration and engineering business intelligence.

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Publishing 3D Data to PDF, CAD Standards and HTML

Companies like Aras and SolidWorks are using HOOPS Publish to create powerful 3D PDF smart reports that include interactive 3D models, dynamic parts lists and tables. Enable visual collaboration in a web browser with the export to HTML feature. Interoperability is critical to PLM users, and HOOPS Publish enables your application to export to standards like JT and STEP AP 242 for downstream use and archival.

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