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Software development tools powering world-class PLM and PDM applications.

Tech Soft 3D has helped PLM and PDM software companies like yours build successful cloud, on-premise, desktop and mobile applications with multi-CAD and 3D web viewing solutions. By partnering with Tech Soft 3D, you will be able to accelerate the development of your PLM/PDM application with powerful, proven 3D technology.

We Make 3D Easy to Use
Accelerate PLM application development with HOOPS software development kits. Empower your PLM software with access to over 20 CAD formats, vibrant 3D visualization for the web, mobile and desktop, and rich document creation. PLM users want web-based CAD viewers for visual collaboration, access to multiple CAD formats and mobile 3D viewers for today’s on-the-go workforce – and HOOPS SDKs make it easy.

Multi-CAD for PLM
Enable your PLM software to access over 20 CAD formats with HOOPS Exchange. HOOPS Exchange provides deep data interrogation beyond the solid model to power downstream workflows like analysis, manufacturing and inspection. Support advanced assembly management through its shattered assembly interface and quickly access only necessary parts and subassemblies, switch out revisions and combine data from different CAD systems. See why Aras and Oracle chose HOOPS Exchange for CAD data translation.

Graphics Toolkits for PLM & PDM Software
Why spend valuable development resources creating your own web-based CAD viewing solution? With HOOPS Communicator, add stunning 3D viewing to your application that generates thumbnails and full screen renderings of parts and assemblies for easy visual navigation in a web browser. With HOOPS Communicator, enable your application with the ability to add redline markup and comments to existing 3D models to communicate change order requests and facilitate visual project collaboration between team members. Expand your 3D model viewing capabilities to iOS and Android applications with HOOPS Visualize.

Assembly Management and 3D Visualization for PLM
HOOPS Communicator provides numerous ways to navigate your data like loading from an assembly tree, bill of materials or by bounding volume. View massive assemblies and load them using the powerful streaming geometry server, rendering on a server and video streaming the session. Further interrogate your data using the built-in assembly explode and cutting plane tools.

Publishing 3D Data to PDF, CAD Standards and HTML
Companies like Aras and SolidWorks are using HOOPS Publish to create powerful 3D PDF smart reports that include interactive 3D models, dynamic parts lists and tables. Enable visual collaboration in a web browser with the export to HTML feature. Interoperability is critical to PLM users, and HOOPS Publish enables your application to export to standards like JT and STEP AP 242 for downstream use and archival.


HOOPS Exchange
We live in a multi-CAD world and HOOPS Exchange includes all the integration tools that a development team requires to easily build robust CAD data translation for over 20 formats into a PLM application. It delivers a wide range of 3D data types in all native and standard CAD formats via a rich set of APIs that provide ease of implementation as well as full control over the data delivered.

HOOPS Communicator
HOOPS Communicator is a powerful toolkit for advanced 3D visualization for web-based applications. High-level APIs allow users to connect 3D data to vital business intelligence and customize the user interface. Stream CAD data to a web browser and users can quickly interact with massive models. Create intuitive workflows by linking each object in the 3D model with critical information such as part number, supplier and price.

HOOPS Visualize
With HOOPS Visualize you can rapidly display eye-popping CAD models across both mobile and desktop PLM platforms. As the workhorse 3D rendering engine in hundreds of successful engineering applications, HOOPS Visualize will accelerate your application development and produce stunning graphics with real-time shadows, reflection panes, optimized transparency and multi-layer texturing.

HOOPS Publish
With HOOPS Publish your users can create interactive 3D PDF smart reports as well as HTML documents that include interactive 3D models, dynamic parts lists and tables. Easily communicate data out of your system, be it request for quotes, inspection plans, inspection reports or technical documentation. Export standalone HTML documents and translate your data to CAD standards like JT and STEP AP242 for interoperability and archival.

Partner Success

ARAS Innovator
Learn how HOOPS Communicator, HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish helped Aras attract some of the world's largest manufacturers to choose Aras Innovator to manage the lifecycle of their products.

Watch Aras & Tech Soft 3D: Partner Success Story (3 min)

“We’re very picky about who we partner with and Ron and team have been outstanding. It’s the willingness to engage and solve problems together that’s making a big difference.”

— Peter Schroer, CEO of Aras

Oracle Autovue Discover why Oracle chose HOOPS Exchange to reduce development costs and added fast and accurate 3D data access for over 20 CAD formats to their AutoVue Enterprise Visualization solution.

Download the Oracle Autovue Partner Success Study PDF

“It was the best performing technology we tested, fast and accurate. Working with Tech Soft 3D was a great experience, they were very responsive and quick to resolve issues.”

— Thierry Bonfante, Sr. Director Product Development, Oracle

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