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Technical Overview

HOOPS Visualize for Mobile is a new software toolkit built specifically for engineering software developers who need to create high-performance, cross-platform mobile applications.  

HOOPS Visualize for Mobile harnesses the powerful graphics performance and functionality of HOOPS Visualize technology with a brand new, high-level API that allows developers to quickly create and deploy feature-rich mobile applications. 

Developers will save precious resources with a robust set of advanced tools built in to HOOPS Visualize for Mobile. Complicated modules such as collision detection, GPU-based effects, transparency and large model handling help get your application to market faster.

Key features and benefits of HOOPS Visualize for Mobile:

  • Flexible Graphics Display: The core of HOOPS Visualize for Mobile is the proven HOOPS graphics technology, allowing applications to handle 3D, 2D, point cloud, text and image data in their scene.
  • High-Performance Rendering: Applications will leverage every ounce of acceleration available on their mobile devices through an optimized OpenGL ES driver. Performance with large models will also be fast and smooth due to custom algorithms.
  • Engineering-Specific Tools: Out of the box, developers can take advantage of proven HOOPS functionality including fast transparency, accurate hidden-line rendering, sophisticated sectioning and cutting planes, and high-quality font support.
  • Mobile Specific Interface: The highly intuitive HOOPS Visualize for Mobile API includes special operators optimized for touch-interfaces, is multi-threaded and fully thread-safe, and portable across both iOS and Android platforms.

HOOPS Visualize for Mobile is specifically designed for developers of mobile applications. HOOPS Visualize for Mobile offers a wide-range of technical features, outlined below.

  • Support for iOS and Android platforms
  • Rich, flexible scene-graph: 3D/2D, point clouds, text and images
  • Mobile UI Support: iOS Cocoa Touch, Android SDK-Java
  • Shader-based OpenGL-ES rendering
  • Touch-enabled camera operators
  • Large model handling: interactive frame rate algorithms
  • Fast Clash Detection Engine: soft and hard clashes
  • Advanced GPU effects: shadows, reflection panes, fast silhouette edges, blooms
  • High-quality TrueType font support and 2D/3D text support
  • Fast multi-layer transparency: depth peeling, screen door techniques
  • Bounded multi-plane sectioning, cut-aways sectioning, end caps
  • High quality and fast hidden line removal
  • Color interpolated analysis shading

Don't just take our word for it…

“Tech Soft 3D helps us provide superb product data intelligence solutions to our customers. We rely on HOOPS technology for our desktop, mobile and web-based solutions for both CAD data access and high-performance visualization. Partnering with Tech Soft 3D has allowed us to create more high-value solutions for our customers faster and more cost effectively than would otherwise have been possible.”

Chris Jones, CEO and President, Actify


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