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“At GrabCAD, we are focused on delivering an Open Engineering Platform for the Cloud, partnering with Tech Soft 3D helps us provide powerful CAD conversion, viewing and interaction in a browser and on mobile devices.”

Hardi Meybaum

“We chose to work with Tech Soft 3D because their HOOPS family of 3D development tools fit seamlessly into our Cloud approach, allowing us to deploy our breakthrough solution in desktop browser and mobile environments.”

Michael Payne
CEO, Kenesto

“Tech Soft 3D has been wonderful to work with, providing outstanding support and a product to fit our needs. Our partnership will ensure TeamPlatform delivers the highest accuracy for our customers’ complex collaborative projects.”

Simon Bae
CEO, VisPower

3D PDF Technology
Extend the value of your
3D data

3D PDF can open up a world of possibilities for your users and a world of new market opportunities for you.

Wherever the free Adobe Reader is found, the ISO-standard 3D PDF format can be used to extend the value of your 3D data. Adding the ability to publish your 3D data into rich PDF documents give you much more than another 3D format; you can address critical workflows for your users, enable them to archive 3D and related data in a recognized standard format, and perfectly address the needs of Model Based Design and Engineering.

You can access the power of the native 3D PDF technology in your application today. Let us show you how.


Autodesk Platforms
Build your own application with Autodesk tools

Use our Autodesk solutions to build your own customized, rich, Autodesk-compatible 2D & 3D applications focusing on whatever you design – whether that be staircases, robots, light fittings, machine tools or anything. Limit your application to only those AutoCAD and Inventor features you want. Add your own features on top, then brand your application as your own. And know that anyone using Autodesk products can share the designs and files your application creates.

Inventor OEM

If you need a full-scale development platform you can build upon to create serious design and manufacturing applications, this is your solution. Now developers like yourself can harness the power of underlying Inventor technology to create fully-custom, purpose-built applications.


Now you can easily create your own branded software built on the AutoCAD platform. Find out how you use your expertise to expand your business by developing a unique application to do a specialist job for a dedicated market. All built on the power of the World's most widely used CAD system.


If you want 100% file compatibility with the world’s largest CAD community, you need to use the native dwg read/write toolkit. Easy to integrate and inexpensive to license, it ensures your application works with the latest AutoCAD and the hundreds of solutions using RealDWG.

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