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Technical Overview

HOOPS Visualize is the industry’s most powerful, portable and complete graphics development toolkit for creating or enhancing 3D applications. HOOPS Visualize will help you accelerate the development of high-performance applications for desktop, cloud or mobile applications using the high-level graphics APIs that power almost 300 applications.

When you license HOOPS Visualize, you enter into a strategic technology partnership. Our graphics experts serve as an extension of your R&D team, working towards our mutual success. The result is your application will look, behave and perform like it was built by a large team of true graphics experts  ̶  no matter the size of your development team. 

HOOPS Visualize also integrates with other powerful, portable toolkits, including HOOPS Exchange and HOOPS Publish, giving you a complete framework for full-spectrum application development covering file import, modification and publication for the desktop, cloud and mobile environments.

HOOPS Visualize offers an extensive and configurable feature set, essential for creating competitive and complex 3D software applications to meet the demands of today's advanced application users.

HOOPS Visualize provides a wealth of high-level APIs delivering a wide range of functionality that also insulates your application from the rapidly changing graphics landscape, protecting your development project from the underlying changes while taking full advantage of the most recent graphics capabilities. It fully leverages the latest GPU innovations via both OpenGL and Direct3D to deliver best-in-class performance and visual fidelity. Portability across all major platforms, rendering and hardcopy interfaces makes it easy for your software team to rapidly develop applications with no constraints on deployment. HOOPS Visualize is the only visualization platform with a history of driving leading commercial engineering software across the entire application industry.

How can HOOPS Visualize benefit you?

  • Reduce project development costs.
  • Earlier completion and faster time to market.
  • Allows you to focus on your competitive value-add and core competencies.
  • Deliver best-in-class user-interaction and application productivity.
  • Create high competitive advantage for your applications.
  • Develop applications on a robust and future-proof technology.

At its core, HOOPS Visualize provides a flexible, hierarchical scene-management engine capable of handling a range of graphics entities, together with a sophisticated graphics pipeline and high-performance graphics and interaction handling algorithms. It also delivers advanced capabilities to accelerate your application development, including an animation engine, clash detection, multi-plane sectioning, and large model visualization.

HOOPS Visualize offers a wide range of technical features, outlined below.

  • Rich, flexible Scenegraph: 3D/2D, point clouds, text, images 
  • High Performance drivers: OpenGL, DirectX, Hardcopy Support 
  • Wide-UI Support: MFC, Qt, WPF, JavaSwing, ATL 
  • Language Support: C, C++, C#, Java 
  • Multi-Platform Support: Win32/64, Linux 32/64, Unix, Solaris, Mac OS/X 
  • Large Model handling: interactive frame rate algorithms 
  • Extensive Point-Cloud Functionality: dynamic LOD, splat rendering
  • Fast Clash Detection Engine: soft and hard clashes
  • Advanced Navigation: walk-through, gravity and terrain following
  • Advanced GPU effects: real-time shadows, ambient occlusion, reflection panes, fast silhouette edges, blooms 
  • Animation Engine: video reviews, simulations, collision detection
  • Smart Text Handling: annotations, 3D bill-boarding
  • High-quality TrueType font support, 3D text support, text greeking 
  • Fast multi-layer transparency: depth peeling, screen door techniques
  • Bounded multi-plane sectioning, cut-aways sectioning, endcaps
  • High quality and fast hidden line removal
  • Interpolated analysis shading
  • High quality WYSIWYG hardcopy output with large format support
  • Shader-based rendering for OpenGL2 and DirectX
  • Stereo rendering (3D viewing)
  • 3D mouse support 

Licensees of HOOPS Visualize are provided with a full Developer Support service, and can optionally request a Priority Support service if an even closer level of technical partnership is required.

Developer Support

The standard Developer Support service includes:

  • Rapid responses via phone or email from 9am – 5pm PST, Monday-Friday.
  • Online documentation and worked examples.
  • Access to regular standard and advanced training courses.
  • Online issue submission, tracking and resolution.
  • Ability to log enhancement suggestions for future releases.

Priority Support

The optional Priority Support service includes everything under Developer Support together with the following additional benefits:

  • Expedited responsiveness for Priority customers.
  • Bundled training programs.
  • Direct access to high-level technical resources dedicated to your project.

HOOPS Visualize supports the following platforms:

Platform Architecture Operating System Compiler
nt_i386_vc11 x64 or x86 Windows XP/Vista/7 (32-bit) Visual Studio 2012
nt_x64_vc11 x64 Windows XP/Vista/7 (64-bit) Visual Studio 2012 for x64
nt_i386_vc10 x64 or x86 Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit) Visual Studio 2010 SP1
nt_x64_vc10 x64 Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (64-bit) Visual Studio 2010 for x64 SP1
linux x86 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS gcc/g++ 4.6.3
linux_x86_64 x64 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS gcc/g++ 4.6.3
osx_x64 x64 MAC OSX 10.8 Xcode 4.6x (LLVM)

HOOPS Visualize supports a range of 3D and 2D Formats. Some formats require additional libraries to be installed as shown in the tables below:

3D Formats

File Format Import Export Additional Libraries Required
DWG X   RealDWG 2013
DWF X X DWF Toolkit
DGN X*   Teigha
U3D X   HOOPS Publish
PRC X X HOOPS Exchange
PDF (2D/3D)   X HOOPS Publish
PTS X    
PTX X    

* For DGN, HOOPS provides basic capabilities to directly import DGN CAD and Wireframe information. To import fully rendered 3D information, a plugin for Microstation is provided to export an HSF file that can be read by HOOPS Visualize.

A plug-in is also provided to export 3D and visualization data from Autodesk 3DS Max.

2D Formats

File Format Import Export Additional Libraries required
PDF   X  
DWF,DWFx X X DWF Toolkit
PostScript   X  
HPGL2   X  
CGM   X  
GDI   X  

Don't just take our word for it…

"Using HOOPS Visualize, we have been able to greatly enhance the attractiveness of our FieldGenius offering. We delivered a feature-rich, high-performance offering on the handheld, which has been very well received. The decision to build upon HOOPS 3DF was a wise strategic decision for MicroSurvey.”

Darcy Detlor, President, MicroSurvey

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