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Technical Overview

Found in more software seats worldwide than any other data access technology, HOOPS Exchange is the highest-performance, complete and affordable way to bring 3D CAD data into your application. For one low, per-seat fee, your application gains the power to import complete 3D CAD data, including PMI, tessellations and B-Rep from 22 file formats, faster than any other solution on the market.

HOOPS Exchange gives you maximum portability, with the option to deploy your application in desktop, cloud and enterprise environments, the compatibility to synchronize your application with a variety of supply chain workflows, and the flexibility to adapt your product offering without tight license restrictions.

By licensing HOOPS Exchange, you gain a valuable partner who cares about your success. Tech Soft 3D is continually updating, extending and improving our data access libraries to make you competitive. HOOPS Exchange also easily integrates with other 3D toolkits in the HOOPS Product Suite, HOOPS Visualize and HOOPS Publish, creating a complete framework for reading, visualizing and publishing 3D CAD data.

HOOPS Exchange offers a range of benefits to companies building engineering applications. By incorporating a rich data-access capability within your applications you are able to provide your products into engineering workflows that rely on access to third-party CAD or 3D data formats.

HOOPS Exchange is robust, high-performance and the technology of choice for adding data access into your application workflow.

How can HOOPS Exchange benefit you?

  • Develop using libraries with a long-standing reputation for excellence.
  • Gain access to multiple CAD formats in a single integration.
  • Expand your supported 3D formats, your user base and sales opportunities.
  • Ensure your application always has access to the latest format versions.
  • Simplify your support issues with a single interface for all CAD import.
  • Focus your resources on your core application strengths.
  • Reduce development risk by using established and proven technology.

HOOPS Exchange delivers the highest performance file-reading capability available, so you can compete effectively in different markets without any dependency on proprietary CAD systems and without having to develop all the file-reading technology in-house. 

HOOPS Exchange provides all the integration controls a development team requires to easily build robust data-access into an application. It delivers a wide range of 3D data types in all major CAD and 3D formats via a rich set of APIs that provide ease of implementation as well as full control over the data delivered. By incorporating the HOOPS Exchange toolkit into an application, software development teams can readily offer a robust and rich access to precise engineering information to satisfy even the most demanding technical requirements. 

The range of data provided by the HOOPS Exchange toolkit includes:

  • Tessellated data, for easy and accurate visualization of 3D models.
  • Precise B-Rep data, for accuracy of archiving, modeling and measurement.
  • All topology and geometry for solid, surface and wire frame models.
  • Complete Product Structure including assemblies, sub-assemblies and parts.
  • Both visual (visual) and semantic (data) Product Manufacturing Information (PMI).
  • Metadata and common attributes, including colors, persistent ID and layers.


HOOPS Exchange ensures you get everything you need to build data-exchange into your application in one self-contained development toolkit:

  • Access to all files in major proprietary and generic CAD and 3D formats.
  • All formats available in single library from one supplier.
  • One simple, consistent interface for all supported formats.
  • Support for exporting to standard file formats including IGES, STEP and Parasolid.
  • Continually updated with new formats and versions to ensure your application is current.
  • Extensive modeler-specific geometry cleanup and healing to prepare the data for downstream use.
  • No dependency on any third party technology or external libraries.
  • Available in OSX and 32- and 64-bit versions for both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Combine with HOOPS Publish to produce lightweight, precise 3D PDF files.
  • Tight integrations with HOOPS Visualize and HOOPS Publish.

HOOPS Exchange gives you access to the following formats for Import:

CAD Format Tessellation B-rep PMI
Autodesk Inventor®
Creo™ Parametric
Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)
Siemens PLM Software’s NX™
Solid Edge®
Stereo Lithography (STL)
Universal 3D
= supported
= this concept is not supported by this format
= unsupported

HOOPS Exchange gives you access to the following formats for Export:

CAD Format Tessellation B-rep PMI
Stereo Lithography (STL)
Universal 3D
= supported
= this concept is not supported by this format
= unsupported

Don't just take our word for it…

“By integrating the HOOPS Exchange technology from Tech Soft 3D into VGStudio MAX, our premium software solution for the analysis of industrial CT data, we are able to offer our customers the ability to read CAD data from all major systems without the need to install the original CAD application. And more exciting, using HOOPS Exchange we get the complete PMI (GD&T) data from the original file for intelligent display and interaction. This allows our users to save considerable time in preparing measurement plans, increasing the efficiency of quality control considerably. Working with the Tech Soft 3D team has been a pleasure, they have been very responsive and really supported our development of this exciting new offering.”

Christof Reinhart, CEO Volume Graphics GmbH

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