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Technical Overview

If your application can produce 3D PDF files, many of your users may need to engage in more advanced workflows involving collaborative mark-up, design review, bid generation, PLM documentation and manufacturing instruction generation using Acrobat XI Pro.

Through Tech Soft 3D's unique Acrobat Pro Bundle program, you can now offer your customers an all-in-one, high-value package for customers that require sophisticated collaboration and security features for their 3D PDF files.

Generate new revenue streams and encourage upgrades, while providing your users a complete solution for enhancing, managing, publishing and securely sharing data through PDF. In addition, users can take advantage of Acrobat XI Pro's template creation functionality to generate custom PDF templates for publishing from directly within your application.

Using the Acrobat Pro Bundle, you can develop software that integrates with Acrobat and Adobe Reader in several ways:

  • JavaScript — Write scripts, either in an individual PDF document or externally, to extend the functionality of Acrobat or Adobe Reader.
  • Plug-ins — Create plug-ins that are dynamically linked to and extend the functionality of Acrobat.
  • Interapplication Communication — Write a separate application process that uses interapplication communication (IAC) to control Acrobat functionality. DDE and OLE are supported on Microsoft® Windows®, and Apple events/AppleScript on Mac OS®. IAC is not available on UNIX®.


The Acrobat Pro Bundle was specifically created to support OEMs, systems integrators, independent software vendors and enterprise IT developers who want to incorporate Adobe PDF functionality into new or existing applications and workflows.

Getting started

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