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HOOPS Publish 2021

What’s New – Optimizing Manufacturing Processes

We focused our efforts on one main initiative this past year, optimizing manufacturing processes leveraging Model Based Design.


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As Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) can be numerous in a Technical Data Package (TDP), we have introduced means to customize the behavior of the selection from a scroll-table: A single selection from the table triggers the highlight of the selected entity in the 3D annotation as well as an automatic zoom to it, improving the user experience when consuming the document.

Print Function

A TDP can reduce the reliance on the need to produce traditional 2D drawings; however, many customers still have a requirement to print documents. To create compelling TDPs with improved user experience, we have introduced a set of new capabilities that support this Print workflow: the scroll-table includes the ability to select rows using checkboxes and this information can be retrieved to trigger the printing of all the selected views with suitable settings for rendering mode and background color of the 3D viewport.