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HOOPS 2023 Service Pack 1

What’s New in HOOPS 2023 SP1


Format Updates

Our first priority is to deliver quick format updates for both native CAD and standard formats in a timely manner so that the applications our partners are developing can access the latest versions of these formats. Since the release of HOOPS Exchange 2023, we have released five updated formats:


  • NX 2212 (December 2022 version)

  • Parasolid 35.1

  • Solid Edge 2023

  • Catia V5_6R2023

Revit Support Enhancements

HOOPS Exchange Service Pack 1 provides enhanced support for the Revit file format including improved handling of mass objects, additional object support, and increased support for RFA (Revit Family Files). These enhancements improve the accuracy and overall completeness of Revit representation within HOOPS Exchange and provide partners with advanced model fidelity.

Mass objects

  • Improved availability of tessellation, allowing the object to be displayed as it appears when the model is opened in Revit, whether it is shown or hidden.

  • Information contained in the "visual material" of the Mass object, such as color and transparency, can now be accurately read.

Additional object support

  • Light sources, workplane grids, and glass panels are now supported.

Revit Family Files

  • Upgraded RFA support includes full tessellation, simplification, and color changes within the active 3D view.

Additional Support for Solid Edge Features

The 2023 SP1 release of HOOPS Exchange includes increased support for Solid Edge files including:

  • Import of coordinate systems
    HOOPS Exchange is now able to load coordinate systems for all Solid Edge files.

  • Loading of all configurations
    A new option has been created: m_bLoadAllConfigsData, it allows the user to load all the data, model, tree, attributes, representation, PMI, for all Solid Edge configurations also named Assembly Arrangements.

HOOPS Communicator

Options file support in converter and libconverter

The HOOPS Communicator 2023 SP1 release introduces access to HOOPS Exchange import parameters through a separate options file read by converter and libconverter. Exchange settings are now exposed in an XML file which allows more control of how CAD data gets imported into converter. This XML hierarchy follows the same schema used for HOOPS Exchange.

HOOPS Publish

Direction entities in Adobe Reader

With the latest Service Pack update, HOOPS Publish can now render Direction Entities in Adobe Reader using the PRC file format. By adapting their PRC to include extra metadata or attributes, developers using HOOPS Publish can quickly make use of this new enhancement.