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HOOPS Communicator 2022

What’s New in HOOPS Communicator 2022

Over the last year the HOOPS product teams have largely focused their efforts on delivering partner needs and providing timely product releases across the entire platform. Continue reading below to find out more about HOOPS Communicator 2022.

Assembly Level Features in Shattered Mode

HOOPS Communicator now supports assembly level features across different shattered workflows. Previously assembly features were only supported in monolithic SC file generation. In shattered workflows only one variation of a body would be retained, resulting in incorrect assemblies. Communicator now generates multiple output SC files for each body which is affected by an assembly level feature resulting in correct assembly conversion.

Animation Manager

New animation capabilities have been added to HOOPS Communicator, including a new animation manager. The manager uses a keyframe system, and includes constant (on-off), linear, and spline interpolation. Animatable attributes include translation, rotation, scaling, visibility, transparency, and color. This animation system is designed to meet various engineering animation needs, ranging from BIM 5D simulations, through Digital Factory animations, and Work Instruction authoring.
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Psychically Based Rendering  

Physically Based Rendering (PBR) has been added to HOOPS Communicator to provide higher quality rendering.
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AEC / BIM Specific Shading 

HOOPS Communicator has added new rendering modes based on standard AEC application interactions. These include sketched mode (with options for jitteriness and edge overhang) and conceptual mode (including gooch shading to show differences in lighting “heat”). This enables users to replicate the environment they are used to in AEC workflows.
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Support for Spatial Relationships 

HOOPS Communicator has added support for “Spatial Relationships” that are part of the IFC model definition including void element and space boundaries.
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