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Tech Soft 3D Launches New HOOPS Platforms


Leading 3D CAD data exchange, visualization and 3D PDF publishing technology integrated to deliver two high-value offerings, HOOPS Cloud Platform and HOOPS Desktop Platform.

April 29, 2015, Bend, OR USA – Tech Soft 3D today announces the release of two high-performance platforms designed to give developers full access to integrated HOOPS toolkit functionality. HOOPS Cloud Platform and HOOPS Desktop Platform combine market-leading 3D technologies for CAD data exchange, visualization and 3D PDF creation, along with tight connections to popular modeling kernels. Now with a single licensing fee, these new offerings are the most cost-effective way to leverage the full spectrum of HOOPS functionality for both existing applications and future development projects.

“An important challenge our partners face today is connecting different components within their applications. For example, fast translation times are useless if the model cannot then be displayed quickly in the graphics system. Or an advanced 3D PDF is only useful if the source 3D data it displays has been translated accurately,” says Gavin Bridgeman, Tech Soft 3D VP of Products. “We develop truly complementary technology because leveraged together, our integrated platforms are greater than the sum of our individual toolkits – as so many of our customers have already realized.”

About HOOPS Cloud Platform HOOPS Cloud Platform delivers a full framework of proven 3D development technologies for creating compelling applications that run on any and all devices: whether in a browser, hosted on a server, on a mobile device or via thick client. Development teams gain access to rich web and mobile functionality designed for developing the new generation of cloud-enabled products.

About HOOPS Desktop Platform HOOPS Desktop Platform harnesses the same proven, market-leading HOOPS technologies that power advanced 3D on millions of desktops every day. With HOOPS Desktop Platform, development teams can deliver high performance, compelling visualization, fast and accurate data exchange, and the best native 3D PDF technology available.

“We use HOOPS technology because it simply works well together and elevates the overall performance of our Visual Collaboration capabilities,” says Peter Schroer, President of Aras. “Through our partnership with Tech Soft 3D, we’re able to take advantage of a breadth of features and functionality that will keep our product compelling and our development on track for years to come.”

“Tech Soft 3D is a partnership-centric company and as such, we want to give our partners the full array of technology they may need to launch successful products, faster,” says Tech Soft 3D CEO, Ron Fritz. “We’re solving the hard problems and keeping them up-to-date with the changing landscape –evolving graphics technologies, programming languages, platforms and browsers— so they can focus on bringing world-class, innovative products to market, faster.”

Learn more about licensing or evaluating HOOPS Cloud Platform and HOOPS Desktop Platform.

About Tech Soft 3D Tech Soft 3D is the leading global provider of development tools that help software teams deliver successful applications, as well as the creator of the 3D format that is part of the PDF standard. Established in 1996 and headquartered in Bend, Oregon, Tech Soft 3D also has offices in California, Cincinnati, France, England and Japan. The company’s toolkit products power nearly 500 unique applications running on hundreds of millions of computers worldwide, while the tetra4D brand of end-user products are used by many of the top manufacturing and construction firms for converting CAD data into 3D PDF. For more information, visit and

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