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ESTECO Leverages CEETRON Envision to Help Customers Turn CAE Data into Insights and Drive Better Design & Engineering Decisions

"One of the things we’re most proud of as a company is that our customers consider us a partner, not a vendor – and we feel the same way about Tech Soft 3D."

Marco Turchetto, Product Manager, ESTECO

The Challenge

Founded in 1999 in Italy, ESTECO has since grown to become a leader in engineering design solutions. The company’s 125 employees service customers in a wide range of industrial fields from four global offices, including its headquarters in Trieste.

Despite the company’s impressive growth over the past two decades, it remains a proudly independent software company specializing in numerical optimization and simulation process and data management (SPDM).

“Our expertise enables companies to excel in their digital engineering efforts and accelerate the decision-making process – whether they’re optimizing the aerodynamics of a new vehicle, increasing the energy efficiency of a new high-rise building, or evaluating the performance of a new type of consumer product,” said Marco Turchetto, Product Manager at ESTECO.

One of ESTECO’s flagship solutions that helps companies achieve these goals is VOLTA, an enterprise platform for SPDM and design optimization. In order to make the product as successful as possible in meeting customer needs, ESTECO knew it needed to offer powerful capabilities around helping customers turn CAE data into actual insights.

“After any simulation, you wind up with a lot of numbers, which are fairly meaningless unless you can properly interpret them,” explained Marco. “That’s where visualization can play a key role, presenting the data in a more meaningful way.”

ESTECO knew, however, that it would need to choose carefully when it came to incorporating visualization technology into its product.

“We looked at a lot of different CAE visualization tools,” said Marco. “We wanted to add a solution that allows our users to perform a more in-depth analysis, like a cross section."

Powerful Functionality, Seamlessly Integrated

After thoroughly researching various market solutions, ESTECO selected CEETRON Envision – a powerful SDK for CAE visualization and analysis from Tech Soft 3D – as the ideal solution.

CEETRON Envision’s fine-tuned data extraction seamlessly digs into large CAE datasets and generates valuable 3D analysis models for engineering. Combining these models with CEETRON Envision’s powerful rendering engines feeds interactive CAE viewing to desktop and native web applications.

The ESTECO team embedded CEETRON Envision into VOLTA Advisor, the module within VOLTA responsible for post-processing analysis of CAE results.

“With VOLTA Advisor, customers can plot data on design charts and quickly identify relevant metrics and get useful insights,” said Marco. “They can also benefit from a wide set of advanced tools to perform post-process analysis that helps them make better design decisions.”

Marco added, “CEETRON Envision can open up the model, and customers have access to all the rich information that is there. Without a question, that is the most powerful aspect of CEETRON Envision, and a real differentiator.”

For ESTECO, CEETRON Envision’s ability to seamlessly integrate within their existing product offering was just as important as the functionality itself.

“When we were investigating the different market offerings for CAE visualization, one of our top priorities was finding something that wouldn’t seem ‘bolted on’ – it really needed to integrate with what we had already built,” said Marco. “That’s part of the beauty of our post-processing environment in VOLTA Advisor: It looks just like the rest of the VOLTA product, even though it has CEETRON technology underpinning it.”

Beyond the technological benefits of leveraging the CEETRON Envision SDK, ESTECO appreciates the continuing innovation shown by Tech Soft 3D and the overall spirit of partnership with the company.

“CEETRON Envision is a product that continues to evolve – we see new features and new enhancements in each release,” said Marco. “That gives us confidence that we have a solid foundation to build upon as we continue to evolve our own product and push more features to VOLTA Advisor, so that we can add even more value to our customers.”

Marco concluded, “One of the things we’re most proud of as a company is that our customers consider us a partner, not a vendor – and we feel the same way about Tech Soft 3D.”


- Manufacturing; industrial design; automotive; aerospace


- Industrial customers need effective way to interpret CAE data

- ESTECO sought to provide CAE visualization capabilities that could aid customer decision-making

- Many of the available visualization tools didn’t provide full access to the data in the models for in-depth analysis


- CEETRON Envision is an all-in-one toolkit for web and desktop CAE data analysis and visualization


- Seamlessly integrate CEETRON Envision SDK into CAE post-processing environment of software offering, increasing value that the solution delivers to the market

- Enable customers to display CAE data in interactive charts to identify correlations and patterns and make data driven decisions

- Improve engineering workflows and optimize design choices through clearer understanding of simulation data

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