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Eleven Dynamics Leverages HOOPS to Speed Development of Innovative Metrology Automation Platform

“Time to market was very quick because we didn’t have to build those CAD import and visualization capabilities. Tech Soft 3D had already done it for us.”

Santiago Droll, CEO, Eleven Dynamics

The Challenge

Drawing upon years of experience in automation and metrology, the founders of the Swiss company Eleven Dynamics sought to make automated quality assurance (QA) easier for auto companies and other manufacturers by removing much of the rigidity and complexity that currently surrounds the process.

“There are a lot of different vendors involved in QA, but they’re very siloed,” said Santiago Droll, CEO of Eleven Dynamics. “The sensor manufacturer only produces sensors – they can’t provide analysis or automation. The analysis software vendors can’t provide sensors, and so on. Nobody was offering a tool that could connect all the different pieces of the puzzle together, so we decided to fill that gap in the market.”

Using a vision of ‘Simple, elegant solutions that inspire’ as its guiding principle, Eleven Dynamics created the Nexos unified automation platform, which is capable of working with any piece of hardware to facilitate the automation of a customer’s measurement processes.

“Our platform can accommodate any robot, any conveyor belt, any sensor, any scanner,” said Michael Fischer, COO of Eleven Dynamics. “We’re this flexible software layer in the middle that allows companies to build their own QA solution with whatever parts they want.”

Even better, the Nexos platform offers a simulation environment that allows customers to simulate a QA cell before it has been built, to ensure that all the different hardware components are working together properly to automate a particular measurement function. “You don’t want to invest $1.5 million in building an automation cell only to find out that the sensor or scanner can’t reach a certain area of the item that needs to be measured,” said Droll. Delivering on the comprehensive functionality within its platform required Eleven Dynamics to turn to trusted partners for assistance in creating a fully realized offering. Since several of the company’s executives had prior experience working with Tech Soft 3D’s SDKs, utilizing HOOPS in their solution was a natural choice.

Powerful Software Components Accelerate Development

Eleven Dynamics is using several components of the HOOPS Native Platform as a foundation for Nexos, including HOOPS Exchange for CAD data access and HOOPS Visualize for graphics.

The fastest and most accurate CAD data translation toolkit, HOOPS Exchange delivers access to over 30 CAD file formats through a single interface. Meanwhile, HOOPS Visualize is a powerful 3D visualization SDK that enables users to rapidly render stunning graphics across both mobile and desktop platforms. Together, these kits helped Eleven Dynamics solve several important problems.

“The industry we’re working in and the types of customers we’re serving use all kinds of different CAD files, from STEP to NX to IGES,” said Droll. “We needed the ability to import and work with a wide variety of CAD formats, and HOOPS Exchange addressed that problem right off the bat. Additionally, the richness of the data that HOOPS Exchange brings in helps with advanced aspects of the Nexos platform – everything from accurate collision detection, to creating an assembly for the different parts in the cell.”

For its part, HOOPS Visualize ensured that Eleven Dynamics’ platform was up to spec from a visualization perspective: capable of displaying a cell smoothly in the simulation environment or easily visualizing a massive point cloud. Beyond delivering this core functionality, the HOOPS components helped jumpstart development and reduce the amount of time required to bring the Nexos platform to the marketplace.

“Time to market was very quick, because we didn’t have to build those CAD import and visualization capabilities,” said Droll. “Tech Soft 3D had already done it for us.” Drawing upon the functionality within the HOOPS SDKs has allowed Eleven Dynamics to deliver a powerful metrology automation solution that offers tangible benefits to the customers they serve. “A recent benchmark study showed that when you include factors like post-processing time, our automation solution reduced overall measuring time by 80% versus other solutions out there,” said Fischer. “That’s really quite impressive.” These powerful results are very much keeping in the spirit of the company and the values that drive it.

“I come from a technical background, so it’s very important for me to have a solution that is on the cutting edge, technologically speaking,” said Droll. “We know the problems our customers are facing and understand how to make their lives easier – and partners like Tech Soft 3D help us make good on that promise.”

Industry: Metrology / QA Challenge: Quality assurance and metrology space lacks a unified platform to bring the different components together - Need to tailor solution towards industry that utilizes multiple CAD formats - Strong visualization required for simulating automation cells before they’re built and for visualizing large data sets like point clouds

Solution: HOOPS Exchange is the leading SDK for fast, accurate CAD data translation, allowing developers to easily build robust data exchange capabilities into their products

Results: Fill gap in the market by creating a flexible, unified platform for metrology automation that reduces measurement time by up to 80% versus other offerings - Allow customers to import CAD data in a wide variety of file formats, supporting heterogenous CAD environment - Provide powerful visualization capabilities that allow customers to simulate performance of automation cell before it’s built, avoiding costly errors - Enable young company to reduce overall development time while delivering a fully realized, functionality-rich platform to market

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