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Toolkit for web and desktop CAE data analysis and visualization

CEETRON Envision is an all-in-one toolkit for CAE data import, analysis, visualization, reporting and automation. This market-hardened SDK provides high-performance analysis tools and efficient sharing workflows for both desktop and native web applications.

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Web & desktop CAE data analysis and visualization toolkit

For more than 25 years, CEETRON has provided the industry’s leading CAE-optimized SDK, delivering a complete set of proven out-of-the-box tools to develop CAE applications and build CAE workflows.

CEETRON Envision’s fine-tuned data extraction seamlessly digs into large CAE datasets and generates valuable 3D analysis models for engineering: animations, cutting planes, isosurfaces, isovolumes, plots, and more. Combining these models with CEETRON Envision’s powerful rendering engines feeds interactive CAE viewing to desktop and native web applications. Its Python modules enable efficient automated engineering workflows that preserve the 3D and interactive nature of CAE data in browser-based dashboards or standalone HTML reports.

Features & Benefits

The CEETRON Envision software component framework offers the broadest technology coverage for CAE analysis, visualization, and engineering workflow building, both on desktop and in a native remote engineering setting.

Market Proven Technology
A result of 25+ years of continuous development and innovation, CEETRON Envision has aggregated CAE developer needs by constantly listening to its partners and to the market.
Powerful Graphics on Desktop and Web
The visualization of 3D CAE models is backed by efficient built-in specialized rendering engines both for classical desktop applications (OpenGL) and true browser-based web applications (WebGL)
High-performance Cae Data Extraction
The key to CAE analysis and visualization is the efficiency of data access and extraction. CEETRON Envision is fine-tuned to explore the large CAE datasets and produce interactive 3D analysis models including animations, cutting planes, isosurfaces and isovolumes, history plots, length plots, etc.
Secure, Comfortable and Cost-effective Remote Cae
The technology backing CEETRON Envision’s web development API ensures that remote CAE applications will convey the minimum amount of information off premises, provides a desktop-like user experience to engineers, and saves money on the server side as it does not require GPUs.
Open to Industry-Standard Solvers
A unique interface gives access to data from 20+ mainstream solvers. Developers code only once to instantly cover the broadest range of CAE file formats.

CAE Visualization SDK

CEETRON Envision offers powerful and flexible rendering, relying on shader-based OpenGL for desktop viewing and client-side WebGL for browser-based viewing. This CAE data processing, visualization and sharing SDK allows display models to be stored in self-containing light-weight files for sharing in a browser, in MS Office documents, standalone HTML reports, or even viewed with VR headsets.

CEETRON Envision is developer friendly with few constraints on the development environments. There is full support of all major operating systems (including Docker), a broad set of languages to choose from – C++, C#, Python, JavaScript (TypeScript) and no dependencies to UI toolkits.

This is a toolkit built by developers for developers and supported by a highly responsive team of experienced CAE experts.

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Reporting and Sharing Workflows

The combination of automated data extraction with Python and web-based visualization yields unexpected benefits, such as the enhancement of engineering efficiency among end users. With Ceetron Envision, you can offer your partners one-click customized dashboards to cover their most recurring analysis needs. The technical choices behind the web visualization tools yield secure, comfortable, and highly cost-effective web applications.

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